Playboy Model Seeks Attention Through Domestic Violence Claims

Playboy model Elsie Hewitt appropriates guise of domestic violence victim for cheap shot at fame

Playboy Model Seeks Attention Through Domestic Violence Claims
Playboy Model Seeks Attention Through Domestic Violence Claims

While legitimate survivors of domestic violence live in fear of drawing attention to themselves, ambitious women like model Elsie Hewitt believe they can appropriate the plight of real victims for a quick shot at fame


Ryan Phillippe is the latest victim of a young model’s grab for money and fame via the route of accusing him of domestic violence. Elsie Hewitt has been trying to improve her career as a model. Subsequently, she has accused Phillippe of things out of character for him. So out of character that even his ex-wife Reece Witherspoon believes is not possible. Witherspoon is standing by her ex-husband refuting the baseless charges.

Sadly, feminism never fought for true equality for women. Feminism automatically views women as victims, weak beings that are automatically assumed to be telling the truth when they make damaging claims about things like domestic violence. This way, the perpetuation of the idea that “women are inherently weak” carries on.  And if feminism views women as weak, it, therefore, holds a default position that women are not equal. Which begs the question – what was the point of feminism in the first place?


The victim-gender privilege

Hewitt seems to be playing on this victim-gender privilege. She has refused to press charges but is suing for $1 million. This behavior flies in the face of the experiences of real survivors of domestic violence. Actual survivors have existed within a cycle of physical, psychological and emotional violence that they have inadvertently perpetuated for an extended period. A supposed one-off anecdotal claim by a young wannabe model does not demonstrate a genuine example of a domestic violence victim.

Hewitt claims that Phillippe attacked her in a drunken drug-fuelled rage. However, he asserts that she violently bullied her way into his house while intoxicated. No eyewitnesses exist to say how she arrived at the injuries documented at the hospital. Self-inflicted through being intoxicated? Or, received at the hands of Phillippe? We still cannot listen to either side of the argument and pass sound judgment. This is impossible, and to assume her innocence is an affront to women’s equality.

If Hewitt wins in court, she sets to become a millionaire and gain considerable exposure for her career. May I ask you, dear reader, what you would do for a million dollars? Hewitt appears to be answering this question for us. Considering there is no other evidence to prove Phillippe has a history of domestic violence, her claims no doubt cast a shadow on her legitimacy.


Appropriating domestic violence for fame and money

Legitimate victims of domestic violence are well documented to be living in a cycle of violence. Studies show that almost as many men experience this cycle of violence, as do women. Victims of domestic violence live in fear of the violent individual. A real victim of domestic violence is mentally and emotionally incapable of suing for $1 million so quickly after an alleged one-off incident of violence. Something indeed smells fishy in Hewitt’s story. If she indeed was a victim of such violence, she would more likely be making excuses for that which is inexcusable.

Indeed, when Chris Brown battered Rhianna, it took for the public to witness the aftermath for her to leave him. Until that point, she remained in the cycle. And like many victims of domestic abuse, she even returned to him for a time despite public knowledge of his violence. Similarly, the media leaked a video of Ray Rice punching his fiancée Janay Palmer so hard that she blacked-out. Later, Palmer went on to marry Rice.



Hewitt’s claims make a mockery of the true nature of domestic violence

Domestic violence is a complex issue that grips families, controlling and destroying lives over an extended period. Domestic violence does not extend to a one-off anecdotal experience without witnesses.

The appropriation of domestic violence by feminists perpetuates the idea that women are inherently unequal to men. And also, there is also much evidence to suggest that domestic violence is a mental health issue, rather than evidence of a supposed patriarchy. When comparing perpetrators of domestic violence to sufferers of Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), there are numerous correlations.


Alternative perspectives on domestic violence

A person with BPD’s manipulation and mood swings keep their victims in a state of walking on eggshells. Violent outbursts towards others and themselves are frequent. Quite often BPD is accompanied by narcissistic disorder. Such sufferers need mental health therapy and understanding for their own, likely, childhood of abuse. Never are such outbursts isolated incidents coincidentally experienced by a young model seeking money and exposure.


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