Pisces – Zodiac Weather Report 7th-13th January 2018

Pisces astrological weather report for the coming week 7th-13th January 2018

Zodiac - PISCES
Zodiac - PISCES

Weekly Pisces horoscopes for the 7th-13th January 2018 – with a difference! We tell you the planetary weather, and you decide how you will plan around it! Will you take an umbrella? Will you dance in the rain? Or will you fall in a puddle? Same weather, different outcomes!

This astrological weather report for the 7th-13th January 2018 is for people with predominantly Pisces energies in their chart. For example, this could be Sun sign Pisces, Rising sign Pisces or Moon in Pisces. The critical areas of life which will demand your focus this week are a significant other, your personal transformation, your beliefs, and authority figures.


Work puts a damper on romance

The beginning of the week sees you feeling connected to a significant other who makes you feel grounded. However, meanwhile, you find you are trying to block out the pressures that your boss is putting on you to get down to work. But you feel it is not entirely possible! Both sides are creating a tremendous pull.


Questioning your mortality

As the week progresses, you feel confronted by your mortality, and it could be that it makes you feel a little uncomfortable. To complicate matters, if you try to express these difficultly expressed feelings to your friends, you sense that they don’t quite understand.

It could be that they give you feedback that is not directly helpful. Furthermore, what makes it worse is that their feedback does make theoretical sense to you! However, you can’t seem to shift the nagging gut instinct.


Spiritually connected to friends

It could be that by mid-week your friends have supported you through your mortality crisis, despite their misunderstandings. The spiritual connection invigorates you and fills you with optimism. It could also be that your dream life brings you peace and tranquility.


An unpredictable world

By the weekend you are feeling the rumblings of unpredictability, and this isn’t helped by the fact that someone you perceive as an authority figure appears to be in cahoots. It feels as though it is the world against you. Nevertheless, this authority figure has your best interests at heart, and they are trying to point out things in your material world that are potential stumbling blocks to your progress.