Pisces Intuitive Monthly Horoscope – June 2018

June offers you celestial anesthesia

Zodiac - Pisces - Weekly
Zodiac - Pisces - Weekly

Planetary shifts throughout June will accentuate a rare trine between Jupiter in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces, offering you a flowing gift of positive, dreamy energy.

The trine between Jupiter and Neptune during June can bring you a salve for the unexpected changes that have begun to take place in your life. There is a lot of pain coursing through the veins of the universal consciousness right now. Therefore, this trine could bring mild anesthesia to those who open themselves to this flowing Divine gift.

How can Pisces access this gift? This reading for Pisces can be for your sun sign, ascendant sign, or moon sign:


Celestial Anesthesia

At the beginning of June, you are the very image of magic, spirituality, and etherealness. In turn, you draw down great blessings from on high and feel as though your prayers are constantly answered. Your creative energy is subsequently infused with holy light.

About a week into June, it is possible that family members may wish to draw you down to earth with serious conversation, and you must make the effort to connect with your foundations.

By mid-month, almost with charm and magic, you may draw to yourself a magnetically romantic encounter. You will feel that the Divine shines upon all your creative endeavors, and pleasure overrides any stress or confusion that tries to derail you.


Blossoming by moonlight

The new moon on the 13th of June sees your intuition to connect with family in order to maintain your life’s foundations overcomes any instinct to hold back.

The full moon on the 28th of June sees your intuition about your creative and romantic expressions come face to face with your instincts and fears about community boundaries that may restrict that expression.


Bide your time and energy

Mars, the planet of action, turns retrograde on the 26th of June, in the sign of Aquarius. For several weeks, you must bide your time with any aggressive people. Unfortunately, some people may wish to declare you too much at odds with society.

You must keep calm and level-headed, and cognizant that you may have blind-spots you are not aware of. You do not want to end up in hospital or prison merely for not acknowledging something that you can easily overcome or clarify logically, and without a defensive fight.

Therefore, try to live by this statement by Napoleon “Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.” 

Any battles you initiate while Mars is in retrograde, you will lose. Therefore, if you hold back, your enemies will do the hard work for you. Ultimately, they will shoot themselves in the foot without you lifting a finger.