Photographer Exposes Ecuadorian Gay Torture Clinics

Photographer Exposes Ecuadorian Gay Torture Clinics
Photographer Exposes Ecuadorian Gay Torture Clinics

An Ecuadorian photographer released a shocking series of images revealing the horrific torture that so-called gay therapy clinics inflict on innocent people


Paola Paredes, a lesbian photographer, recently published a shocking series of pictures exposing the horror that takes place within so-called Ecuadorian gay therapy clinics. Paredes is already famous for her previous photographic series depicting how she came out as a lesbian to her strictly religious parents. She entitled that series “Unveiled.”

Her current series of pictures reveal the time she spent undercover in one of these gay-conversion therapy clinics. Her parents, who had surprised her by being very open-minded when she came out, assisted her in her entry into the facility. What she would discover behind those locked doors was horrific and traumatic.

Photographer Exposes Ecuadorian Gay Torture Clinics



Illegal gay-conversion clinics

The Ecuadorian government, in alliance with All Out and, have made concerted efforts to shut down such illegal clinics. Indeed, authorities have raided several, and police have rescued many, mostly, young girls from these horrific facilities. Sadly, however, there are still hundreds of these clinics carrying on business as usual, and destroying people’s lives.

Nevertheless, much of the population of Ecuador are strict Catholics who have little tolerance for homosexuality. In fact, when Paredes came out to her parents, she had no idea how they would respond. They had never questioned the strict teachings of the Catholic church in their entire lives. She even feared that they would disown her or literally throw her into one of these barbaric facilities.

Due to the illegality of such clinics, the owners disguise them as drug and alcohol rehabilitation clinics. For anywhere between $500-$800 per month, parents can have their gay children abducted to these religious facilities that subject innocent people to degrading treatment designed to cure homosexuality – supposedly.


Shocking and degrading techniques

Paredes decided to subject herself to life inside one of these frightening gay torture clinics to reveal to the world the horror contained within. Degrading techniques that include religious brainwashing, physical and emotional torture that can be as extreme as corrective rape.


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Initially, she conducted extensive interviews with people who had since escaped these facilities, before letting herself become subjected to the experience. Obviously, it was not possible for her to take her camera into the facility. However, she recreated the experiences when she left to demonstrate to the world the horror.

Within these nightmare places, which mostly contain young lesbians, girls are subjected to forced femininity lessons where they must wear makeup, short skirts, and high heels. They are fed concoctions of medication for which the fake counselors assure them they are just vitamins. Nevertheless, inmates complain of loss of memory and other mental disturbances.

There is strict religious practices and prayer sessions. The young women must spend their time completing draining tasks like cleaning a bathroom with a toothbrush. Any jobs not completed correctly unleash the wrath of the counselors who will beat them and abuse them.


Fruitless conversion therapies

Paredes hopes to draw attention to the plight of the Ecuadorian LGBTI community through this series of images. And sadly, it is not just Ecuador that is notorious for containing such harmful and dangerous conversion therapies. Her picture series is titled “Until You Change.”

A gay man in China undertook a similar experiment. He too wished to expose the horrific gay conversion techniques inflicted upon innocent people. Needless to say, he was left severely traumatized by the ordeal.

Psychologists and psychiatrists have long known that such conversion therapies do not work. A person’s sexuality is not an addiction; it is generally considered to be associated with genetics and brain wiring. In the modern world, it is high time that such barbaric and primitive practices be universally outlawed. Such things should have already disappeared from the face of the earth.