We hear many wild animal attack stories, and usually, people are not so lucky to survive.

When humans enter into a territory belonging to an animal, they are trespassing into their home, and have to understand there could be consequences, and that they could come under attack.


People Who Survived Wild Animal Attacks
People Who Survived Wild Animal Attacks


Generally, a wild animal is happy to just let you pass through their territory. But on occasion, you will be perceived as a potentially dangerous intruder that they need to defend themselves from – or part of the food chain that they are free to devour.

Not many people are lucky enough to get away alive after being attacked by a wild animal. But there are some who educate themselves to know what the protocol is when they find themselves under attack. Others just get lucky. We have collected some of real life animal attacks with lucky escapes below.



Stories of wild animals attacking people who lived to tell the tale:


Leopard Attack – Carl Akeley

People Who Survived Wild Animal Attacks - Leopard Attack
People Who Survived Wild Animal Attacks – Leopard Attack

Carl Akeley really did make himself comfortable in a home that was not his own. He hated the owners, that is, when they were still alive – he was probably one of the world’s first taxidermists.

Not only did he survive an elephant stomping on his chest, he also strangled a leopard with his bare hands. Leopards were reportedly his most hated animal species, and it seems like one desired to get their revenge on him. While the Leopard had him pinned to the ground, he pushed his right hand down the throat of the leopard until it suffocated.


Mountain Lion Attack – Frank Harmes

People Who Survived Wild Animal Attacks - Mountain Lion Attack
People Who Survived Wild Animal Attacks – Mountain Lion Attack

While walking his dog in his hometown of Morgan City in Alabama, Frank Harmes was set on by a mountain lion. At first, he tried to frighten it away, but the mountain lion wasn’t interested in letting this intruder in his territory go any further.

He pounced on Harmes, but Harmes managed to grab his pocket knife and repeatedly stab the big cat. All the while his dog just sat watching the spectacle. Eventually, the mountain lion scampered off and disappeared.


Great White Shark Attack – Eric Nerhus

People Who Survived Wild Animal Attacks - Great White Shark Attack
People Who Survived Wild Animal Attacks – Great White Shark Attack

Eric Nerhus had been diving for shellfish and abalone off Cape Howe in Australia when he was attacked by a 3-meter long great white shark. It was so dark in the waters he hadn’t even seen it before it started to devour him up to his chest.

Nerhus remembers the darkness of being inside the shark but had an instinct to stab it internally in the eye with his abalone chisel, and the shark spat him out and swam away. Experts also believe his luck in surviving was also thanks to Nerhus not tasting enough like a seal.



Python Attack – Ben Nyaumbe

People Who Survived Wild Animal Attacks - Python Attack
People Who Survived Wild Animal Attacks – Python Attack

Ben Nyaumbe was a farm worker in the Malindi area near the Kenyan coast when he found himself in a 3-hour battle with a 4-meter python, that even dragged him up into a tree.

It was coiled around him tightly but he managed to cover the head of the snake with his shirt, to avoid being swallowed. He also managed to contact help on his cell phone. Two police officers found him but were too nervous to shoot the enormous reptile for fear of hitting Nyaumbe instead.

He took desperate measures and decided to bite the snake on the tail, which injured his mouth. Eventually, more villagers arrived, and between them and the police officers, they managed to free him. The snake was captured for a short period but managed to eventually escape.



Black Bear Attack – Abby Wetherell

People Who Survived Wild Animal Attacks - Black Bear Attack
People Who Survived Wild Animal Attacks – Black Bear Attack

As we continue to sprawl suburbia further and further from city centers, we eventually start to make our homes in what is the territory owned by wild animals. We raise our children in their environments and put them at risk from attack.

12-year-old Abby Wetherell had been out jogging in the Michigan woods when she was attacked by a black bear. It knocked her down the first time and started to claw at her – but it appeared to want to give up. She tried to take the opportunity to run away but it started to re-approach her.

She thought maybe patting it and showing kindness would calm the animal down but instead, it attacked her a second time. This time she pretended to play dead, and eventually, the bear lost interest and went away. She ended up needing 100 stitches and was in surgery for more than 2-hours, but she recovered to tell the tale.


Elephant Attack – Michael Nash

People Who Survived Wild Animal Attacks - Black Bear Attac
People Who Survived Wild Animal Attacks – Elephant Attack

Never mess with a mama and her babies. Michael Nash made a grave error when trekking through Gabon, in Africa, when a mother elephant became concerned that Nash was a threat to her calf.

What would any mother do if they found an intruder in their home? The elephant charged at him intending to gore him with her tusks. With quick thinking, he managed to jump onto her tusks. Eventually, she grew bored and was unable to continue carrying him around any longer. She lost interest in him and he was able to get himself away safely.





Crocodile Attack – Todd Bairstow

People Who Survived Wild Animal Attacks - Crocodile Attack
People Who Survived Wild Animal Attacks – Crocodile Attack

There are certain places in Australia that you respect as being no-go areas because the wild life takes precedence. When it comes to the territory of a crocodile, you don’t just let yourself into their domain and make yourself at home. You might as well put yourself on a silver platter, as they will only ever see you as a snack.

Todd Bairstow made the foolish decision of taking a fishing trip on a stretch of water that was well-known as a home for crocodiles, which are considered to be the last living dinosaurs. Initially, the giant croc grabbed him by the leg and tried to pull him under the water. It then began twisting him in the infamous death roll 3 times.

Bairstow even managed to grab his dog and tried to feed it to the crocodile to distract it. Luckily for the dog it didn’t work. Eventually, a woman found him after about half an hour of him struggling, as she had heard his screams. She brought his friend, Kevin Beven to help. Between Beven’s efforts to pull him out of the croc’s mouth, and some local indigenous men who started to throw rocks at the creature, it eventually gave up and swam away.

Bairstow spent 2 months in the hospital recovering and underwent extensive physiotherapy to be able to walk again.