Why Are People Rejecting Pasteurized Milk? Demystifying the Raw Milk Debate

Why Are People Rejecting Pasteurized Milk? Demystifying the Raw Milk Debate

Why Are People Rejecting Pasteurized Milk? Demystifying the Raw Milk Debate

There is a lot of uncertainty about what to believe when it comes to understanding the debate surrounding raw milk.

The debate over whether raw milk is good for your health, or in fact detrimental, is a confusing one. Skeptics of the possible health benefits believe that those who choose to consume raw milk are following a dangerous fad. On the other hand, people who swear by raw milk’s health benefits think that the demonization is unwarranted.

Both sides present compelling arguments, which can leave one confused about just who to trust. If you are a health conscious individual, you likely want to know the truth. So we will endeavor to break down both sides of the debate for you to make up your mind.


Why are people rejecting pasteurized milk?

Many people will accuse raw milk consumers of merely following a dangerous trend. However, those who choose it believe they are making a decision based on being health conscious. Others will claim that the negative press that surrounds raw milk is merely a corporate conspiracy to squash the competition.

Raw milk consumers argue that the pasteurization of milk destroys all of its health benefits, and even can create health problems. When factories heat milk for pasteurization, it becomes “dead,” according to raw milk drinkers. They claim that raw milk maintains such health benefits as probiotics, and is packed with nutrients. Sufferers of ailments such as asthma, allergies, and eczema have reported reduced suffering.

Dubbed a superfood, it allegedly has wondrous properties within it that aid digestion and boosts the immune system. Nevertheless, many make rather outrageous claims about its health benefits. Dippy celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow made an outrageous claim on her website Goop that drinking raw goats milk for eight days will give you a parasite detox cleanse. It is no wonder the skeptics are out in force.


A microbiologist’s skepticism

Michelle Jay-Russell runs a website called realrawmilkfacts.com. She is a microbiologist who decided to bring science into the argument about the pros and cons of drinking raw milk. Balance is her aim. However, she presents some fairly damning evidence that suggests raw milk consumption should be approached with caution.

In research published in June this year at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are some fairly disconcerting revelations about the consequences of drinking raw milk. According to the study, 95% of all dairy linked illnesses had resulted from raw milk consumption. As only about 3.2% of the population are raw milk advocates, that means that it is 840x riskier to consume, than pasteurized.

Consequently, US Food and Safety officials are concerned that unsuspecting consumers are playing “Russian roulette” when they forgo pasteurized for raw.


Why milk became pasteurized

The history of why milk came to be pasteurized is also fraught with debate. Statistics reveal that before pasteurization became mandatory, dairy was the catalyst in 1 in 4 foodborne sicknesses. Once the technique became widespread, this dropped dramatically to 1%.


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