David Cassidy dies this week from dementia and organ failure

Sadly, David Bruce Cassidy, the son of Jack Cassidy and Evelyn Ward dies. After his parent’s divorce, David moved in with his father and step mother, Shirley Jones. Half-brothers Shaun, Ryan, and Patrick Cassidy were beside him as he began a career which hurled him into stardom.



Cassidy found a great deal of fame and recognition from the television series The Partridge Family. His voice and talent were an overwhelming sensation for girls, and he attracted them like moths to a flame. David’s good looks and charm catapulted him into teen idol status. Although he preferred recognition for his musical talent, the role as Keith Partridge made him a pop icon.


Pop icon Keith Partridge

Cassidy did earn some credit from his musical abilities and his singing voice, which earned him tours as a solo artist and along with the Partridge family displaying his persona and sex appeal.

Cassidy was incredibly talented, but the production company behind him demanded he works long hours as they exploited every possible avenue of cash flow from his popularity. Adolescent girls followed him everywhere he went trying to see him, touch him and be in his presence. The heartthrob had no peace from the unprecedented marketing and appearances. His life was radically not his own. His picture could be found on lunch boxes, plastic toys, bed sheets, etc.



The merchandising was another money making avenue he found himself exploited

Throughout the years David struggled with his stardom and subsequent drug addictions. Like so many other famous artists, the obsession was challenging to break.

Nonetheless, David Cassidy was so well liked as an actor that he was cast on a variety of television episodes for various series. His presence as a teen idol never diminished. Consequently, Cassidy achieved moderate success as an adult. He performed on Broadway in several musicals one of which was Blood Brothers. Additionally, he appeared on Celebrity Apprentice with the then host, Donald Trump.


Personal Life

David Cassidy married Kay Lenz from 1997 to 1983. From 1984 until 1988 he was married to Meryl Tanz. A songwriter, Sue Shifrin was his last wife whom he married in 1991. Together they had a son, Beau. Likewise, with the model Sherry Williams, Cassidy had a daughter, Katie.



Despite his earlier addictions, Cassidy fell off the wagon between 2010 and 2014. After arrests for drunk driving, besides his sentencing to rehab, his wife Sue Shifrin filed for divorce. It was after all this turbulence that David began to display mental disorientation. At first, most attributed the change in behavior to more drinking. However, after falling during a concert, dementia came to light.

Cassidy watched his mother and grandmother also suffer from the disease. Inevitably, he inherited dementia from them.

David Cassidy was admitted to the hospital several days ago. His condition deteriorated with liver and kidney failure in addition to the mental ailment. With family by his side during his last days, he succumbed to decline in health.

David Bruce Cassidy, born April 1950, died on November 21, 2017. His children, stepmother, and his brothers survive him.


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