What Part of Microwave Spells Safe?

What Part of Microwave Spells Safe?
What Part of Microwave Spells Safe?

Are microwave ovens really safe?

Recently having researched the effects of cell phones and the energy waves emanating from WiFi and other electromagnetic radiation, it is no surprise that microwave ovens are next.

Ionization of radiation and these types of energy waves decays and changes the molecular structure of food. Particularly cells in our children’s incomplete but still growing bodies.

Microwave ovens are used to heat up food for our consumption. How does this happen you ask? The waves emitted inside and outside the microwave will cause atoms of matter to rub against each other to generate heat. The result is food hot and ready to eat.

Specifically, the molecules that make up the food bounce around and this changes the structure of these molecules. So, even though you might have a hot meal to eat, you are also causing your body, it’s cells and blood to absorb changed genetic material. The integrity of the food has been compromised and transposed.

These changes will more than likely alter the blood and all cells that come in contact with it. The whole of the body and all organs can be infected. Moreover, It has been documented that microwave poison contributes to the development of stomach, cellular and intestinal cancer.

Barry Tover, a physicist, and Royal Navy Microwave expert concludes from his experience that microwaves are a very harmful type of warfare. Microwave energy and radiation are equivalent to nuclear atomic radiation.

Tover presents the proof that low doses of these waves are more dangerous than larger exposure. Certainly, only over time the effects are noted. He insists WiFi is the same sort of wave and will cause damage not only to our generation but also to generations to come.


Microwave radiation is a perfect government warfare weapon

Intentional ignorance of this knowledge is rewarded by the powers that be. Governments offer incentives for the perpetuation of the disbelief that serious harm comes through microwaves, wifi, cell phones and other types of ionized energy. This explains why all the studies concur the same results without explanation.

We understand now the damage done to food by microwaves. Now we need to understand the damage done to our children and our children’s children. The effects could be devastating.


Children are ten times more susceptible to the damage from radiation than adults.

Principal damage to genetics is irreversible. Take for instance a school child. Exposure to the damage from radiation will change the DNA structure born from the over 400,000 eggs found in the ovaries of a female child. Still processing development, these eggs are not fully protected.

Damage will be irreversible to the eggs, and its DNA. Therefore, when the child is grown up and has a child of its own, the DNA of that child will have defects and permutations. Then that child will have a child with further modifications. This genetic damage will continue for generations.

Routers, transmitters, microwaves all emit enough radiation to cause damage no matter what the pace. Tover notes, a documented study of the cold war where animals displayed these debilitating effects of radiation.

We must all take note of the danger of radiation from microwave ovens, routers and other types of transmissions emanating this harmful danger. The purpose of bringing research and findings is to publicize and perpetuate ignorance of the masses.

Do we want really want to be poisoned by food and drugs from our governments?


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