Parisian Nudists Eat Naked at O’naturel Restaurant

O'naturel becomes Paris's first nude restaurant | Image credit:

Parisian Nudists Eat Naked at O'naturel Restaurant
Parisian Nudists Eat Naked at O'naturel Restaurant

Nudists can indulge their culinary desires at the first naked restaurant in Paris, O’naturel


France’s first nudist restaurant, O’naturel opened its doors to naked customers on Thursday, 2 November.



Nudists from the Paris Naturist Association were the first to indulge in the culinary delights of France’s first naked restaurant, O’naturel.  O’naturel has opened within a fairly inconspicuous residential location, which preserves the privacy of the de-clothed patrons dining within.

Twin brothers Stephane and Mike Saada manage the restaurant claimed the opening night was a roaring success. Certainly, the Paris Naturist Association were avid supporters of the brother’s venture. It was inevitable that they would dedicate the first night to this group.



They’ve supported us from the beginning, and we reserved our first soiree for them.

The restaurant seats about 40 bare behinds. Therefore, one hopes that staff thoroughly disinfect the seats after the naked patrons use them! However, saying that, amongst naturists, it is common courtesy to sit on a towel. Indeed, the French are well versed in nudist etiquette, as around 2.6 million of them participate in a naturist lifestyle.

When patrons arrive at the restaurant, they are asked to strip naked before taking a seat. The average meal costs them around €30. And due to the open-minded attitude of French citizens, residents who live near the restaurant have no problems with O’naturel being located next door.




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Naked restaurant ‘O’Naturel’ opens in Paris | Travel News | Travel [ad_1] Being naked is the human body’s natural form, despite it being socially unacceptable to step out in public in a birthday suit.Worry no more, as a new restaurant is embracing the naked body where diners eat in the nude in Paris.Called “O’Naturel”, it serves authentic French food as the first nudist restaurant in the capital city.Anyone with inhibitions should leave them at the door.Found on a quiet side street in Southwest Paris, some of the food includes lobster, escargot (snails) and foie gras with main dishes coming in a €32 (£28).Diners do have one item of clothing, which is a pair of slippers, yet leave their main attire and phones at the door.Thankfully, the chefs keep their clothes on for health and safety reasons.One local told Le Parisian: “When we learned what was going to be here, obviously it made us laugh.”Especially since there is a nursery next door.”Twin brothers Mike and Stephane Saada, 42, thought up the scheme after being inspired by other naked restaurants around the world and their success.London’s naked restaurant The Bunyadi opened last year, which had a waiting list of over 30,000 people.In Japan, a naked dining restaurant opened last year as well called…

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The French relaxed attitude to nudity

According to one neighbor, Mehdi, who lives upstairs from O’naturel, he wonders why all the fuss. “When we learned what was going to be here, obviously it made us laugh. Especially since there is a nursery next door. But it absolutely does not bother me. Also, the other neighbors. We do not see anything from the street, so cannot see what goes on inside. There is not a massage parlor.

France already does all it can to make naturists feel comfortable. There is a public pool in Paris where nudists can swim naked three times a week. Additionally, Franceh has literally hundreds of camping sites and beaches dedicated to naturism. Recently, Paris city council allocated a section of Bois de Vincennes park to nudists.



International naked eating

Paris isn’t the first city in the world to have a nudist restaurant. London was recently the location of an extremely popular pop-up nudist restaurant called Bunyadi. So popular is Bunyadi, last year their waiting list contained a whopping 45,000 Londoners, desparate to eat in the nude!

Spain also boasts a nudist restaurant on the island of Tenerife. Called Innato, the nudist restaurant even serves its culinary fare on the bare skin of the wait staff, who lie naked on buffet tables.


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