Parallel Universe Theory Could Explain Alternate Realities Kid Genious Contends

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Parallel Universe Theory Could Explain Alternate Realities Kid Genious Contends
Parallel Universe Theory Could Explain Alternate Realities Kid Genious Contends

Quantum physics parallel universe theory

Thirteen-year-old kid genius Max Laughlin believes strongly in an infinite number of parallel universes, timelines, and the Mandela effect theory. Max is well aware of the inability to prove this theory because there is no way to see a universe that has no physical parameters. However, the concepts he describes are not unheard of.



The Mandela Effect is often thought of as misinformed, false memories, misconception or some combination thereof. What’s important to note, just as the observer in a quantum physics experiment can change the outcome of the science, the same is true for the Mandela Effect.

Many have tried to define exactly what it means to shift from one universe to another. The fact is, even if we do shift, it’s not like there is a border crossing that defines the entry or exit from one to another. This alone makes it difficult to define.

It is possible to imagine a galaxy made up of timelines with fluctuating currents rippling through the parallel lines that could represent parallel universes. Equally imaginable are changing thoughts or patterns of thoughts we hold within our conscious minds. The moment we shift our thoughts and feelings from one energy to another, essentially we shift from one universe to another.


All things are possible once this shift occurs

Max Laughlin narrows things down a little bit more. He believes that CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, has destroyed our universe. As a result of this, most of us live in a parallel universe.

CERN utilizes complex scientific instruments to study matter, particles and the collision of these particles. CERN studies particle interactions and records all the results. Each collision of particles documents the details of the energies resulting from all experiments. CERN gives physicists and engineers a fundamental structure of our universe.

Obviously, physical records may not be able to detect energies emitting varying frequencies. We have no idea how many universes or frequencies exist.


The number is most likely infinite just like the number of universes and consciousness

It is very common and has been for centuries for scientists to meet controversy, hostility and much resistance in accepting new theories. The idea of parallel universes, shifting consciousness and inhabiting one reality over another is at best challenging to prove. Having said all that, how does one explain seeing something different from the person standing next to you?

Amongst all the physics babble and alternative realities, it is important to keep a level of current awareness. We all inhabit a reality at every moment. Validation of moments, our thoughts, feelings and energetic intuitions is a must.


Just remember, feelings aren’t facts

Nevertheless, feelings do create realities. If we feel negative about the world, we will see and experience everything negative. This consciousness applies to positivity too. The exercise of intriguing the mind over matters such as the Mandela Effect or alternate universes is a push in intellectual understanding. What is important to know, is that we create our realities. This includes every moment whether in an alternative world or not. It is up to each one of us to create the reality we wish to experience. We have the power to change this reality at any moment in our lives.

Inevitably, parallel universe or no, we are each responsible for choices we make. The consequences will reveal if our choices were good or bad. How we choose to view the consequences of good or bad will reveal in which universe we live.

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