When you look at the state of the world too closely, you can become overwhelmed by feelings of futility, especially when you see how dark things appear


Day and night the media, mass marketing, and the government overwhelm us with messages telling us how dark the world is, and many of us become overwhelmed with feelings of futility. However, we forget things like the very simple saying: “is the cup half empty or half full?


We hear this adage so many times that we begin to lose a sense of its simple, helpful meaning. Such a simple maxim can be useful when navigating the bombardment of messages, we experience.

Firstly, for argument’s sake, I will refer to things like the mainstream media, government, corporations, systems or any other -isms as Establishments. We can call them this as they are presenting themselves to you as an authority or expert, and they wish to make you submit to them.


When any Establishment seeks to control you, they will use fear. The way they make you feel fear is to present an issue in a negative light. In other words, they will tell you that the cup is half empty.


It doesn’t matter which side you align with: left, right, center, or even something alternative to that. If that group wishes to manipulate you, they will use fear. Fear that something will happen to you, or fear that something terrible will happen to something or someone else.

You will fear that you are missing out on something. Or you will feel guilty that you weren’t aware that you should be feeling fearful, or even angry. These groups may make you feel that if you are not as angry as they are, you will be abandoned, rejected and alienated from society.

After they grip you with fear, they will give you a remedy. If that remedy costs money, or will hurt someone else, or asks you to spread hate, then you have a clue that they are seeking to manipulate you with darkness, to get something from you. Something like submission, or your money.



The Good Vs. Evil myth

If they are creating an environment of good vs. evil, where they depict their side as the pure savior angels, and the other as pure evil, it is time to smell the rat. After all, there is no such thing as absolute evil or absolute good in this world. Which is why evil and good are so hard to differentiate at times!

When these Establishments utilize fear, they are accessing a part of your brain that will cause you to stop thinking rationally. Humans are emotional creatures, and it is our emotional responses that help us to survive. If there is an emergency, our brain stem will kick in with the fight or flight response.

If there is a real emergency, this is a perfect response. However, Establishments will tell you there is an emergency, even if you have not personally witnessed that emergency. They may contrive propaganda or manipulate images and information to make you assume you have observed proof. Consequently, they will get a rise of fear from you.



Contrived fight or flight response

The downside of the fight or flight response is that when you are in that brain zone, you are incapable of accessing your rational brain. Your body is telling you to survive, you get angry and want to respond accordingly. These Establishments know this and bank on the fact that you are, at that moment, incapable of being rational.

While you are incapable of being rational, they will tell you what to think, feel and do. They will use guilt to perpetuate your fight and flight response. Consequently, you will believe anything, because your, or someone else’s survival has been contrived to be at risk.

Sadly, this means we live in a dark world where we do not know who to trust. Everyone appears to have an agenda. So how do we navigate this?



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