Wikipedia and many other online sources receive payment for harassment and de-legitimization

Wikipedia and many other online sites receive payment from a source who remains unknown. Harassment and the power to block, ban, criticize and de-legitimize every edit or post that even hints at questioning the status quo exists. It happens on Wikipedia, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Medium, Google, Reddit and possibly more. The blatant sociopathic natures and behaviors of the editors and monitors of most social media sites have reached a new level.



Rather than encouraging the public to question every angle of an issue, they merely label each one for you. While shoving their perspective down everyone’s throats, they shout all kinds of nasty claims to disqualify anyone who disagrees with their conspired views. Firewalls are built to keep people from finding out truths and authentic sources.


The growing disease is suffocating the human spirit

Sharyl Attkisson is one of the lucky ones. She began working for CBS News in 1993 where her overnight anchor position grew to investigative reporter and now correspondent. Sharyl held the Washington based correspondent position until just this week.




Attkisson’s investigative reporting has polarized CBS

For almost two decades Sharyl admits CBS’s network liberal biases and corporate dedication to toppling accurate investigative reporting continues to grow by leaps and bounds. In the end of her career at CBS, it became increasingly more difficult to garner support and report her findings on the air.

Additionally, Sharyl gave a speech at TEDx Talks where she demonstrates how Astroturf or fake grassroots movements efficiently distort and manipulate media messages, particularly on Wikipedia. She explains in the talk how these campaigns are funded politically, corporately and with other specialized interest organizations.


However, Sharyl Attkisson is not the only one with these findings

Faculty at Skeptical about Skeptics continually research the misinformation age and how going against politically biased media stream is harmful to your health. Skeptical about Skeptics’s numerous articles show how necessary questioning “proven scientific theories” is essentially dis-approved.

Meanwhile, all the websites are valiantly disqualifying themselves. Yes, people are seeing through the gas lighting and control techniques employed to keep the masses ignorant, but is that enough to stop it?



Jigsaw Google is one example of the organization’s power tools

Their attempts to catch you at catching them is getting redundant. Jigsaw Google claims a commitment to building the technology to fight global security challenges. They alleged to combat censorship and threats of digital attack. They promise to protect people from online harassment and site banishment. Nevertheless, it is their very own team of policy experts, designers, engineers, researchers and scientists among others, who collaborate your demise, to begin. Likewise, all these companies receive payment to do so.

Wikipedia believes they are the only ones qualified to edit their encyclopedia. Even the original owner, Jimmy Wales, got out of the way of this huge fake information site. He sold Wikipedia in its early stages because of the corruption he saw coming from way back. Skeptic activists use Wikipedia and YouTube (only two examples) like a battleground where slander, character assassination, shaming, and other forms of psychopathic subversive tactics to annihilate any contradiction.



Don’t take my word for it, check out the evidence yourself

Wikileaks also stands as an example of the effect this online war perpetuates. So many people have to hide from the harm of “the prominent anonymous skeptic, ” and his band of thugs threatens. People like Jullian Assange, Chelsea Manning, Daniel Ellsberg, Edward Snowden, Gary Webb and so many more have been killed or hide from their hunters. Maybe it sounds a little too sinister, but it genuinely is this bad.



Likewise, as I watch television programs innocently in the evening, after a stressful day, a bombardment of drug advertisements hits me like waves on the shore that never cease. The ads instruct me over and over again to consult my doctor or pharmacist. Try the newest drug candy on the market. There is a drug for everything and it will make you feel better. Meanwhile, I wasn’t aware I was not feeling well. In fact, I feel great. Everyone knows that drugs kill.


This scenario is not normal

Health is each person’s responsibility. I wouldn’t trust my own health to anyone else. Physical and psychological health continue a precious commodity, including children. Why should you consult a physician?

Are aches and pains worthy of poisonous narcotics? Don’t you agree medicine and surgery are on reserve as an absolute last choice? Medicine appropriates only in circumstances of medical emergencies and severe illness.


Don’t take my word for it

Furthermore, drug companies are owned and operated by the very same anonymous monster who keeps the astroturf in play. Everything seems to maintain a criminal connection.

Moreover, information and knowledge don’t exist in a vacuum. The power of knowledge is meant to be utilized for positive outcomes in the world. As the people, human, don’t you think it is time to come together for the good, instead of tearing each other apart? It feels so much better to be pleasant and encouraging than it does to be mean, angry and evil. Consequently, we see the opposite happening and it is because of the world wide web.



The only way to exit this arena of mass information wars is to disconnect from it. Haven’t you noticed you have more peace of mind and more control over your own life when not connected to the harassment of Internet and social media? Why do people go off grid if not to hear their own inner voices and instincts? Social media and Internet use suffocates your gut instincts. Who do you want to hear most? In whom do you trust?

Only you can answer these simple questions. Don’t you think the time has come?

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