OMG! World War 3 Provoked By Government Manipulation

There is a mastermind behind the staging of World War 3

OMG! World War 3 Provoked By Government Manipulation
OMG! World War 3 Provoked By Government Manipulation

Who stands to gain from World War 3

North Korea has orchestrated six practice nuclear launches, and world leaders are responding. Although, not all world leaders. Despite the uproar of nations expressing displeasure with North Korea’s actions, only certain governments are speaking out against the threat. Sanctions have been ushered to place pressure on the North Korean government to comply, but there is no cease. Instead, China and Russia are aiding North Korea in preparation for a potential attack. Tanks, fuel, weapons and other armaments are navigating their way to the border, with the help of Putin. China is preparing itself for an influx of North Korean refugees. There is no question the situation is volatile.

Sanctions against North Korea include money transfers aimed to shut down and isolate North’s international financial system. The ban on imports and exports, trade of precious metals and gold, the embargo on arms, restrictions of travel for North Korean citizens, the list continues.

Notable during this time is Britain’s stress of increasing pressure to come to a peaceful solution while at the same time in the wake of these nuclear tests, both the Yen, Swiss franc and the Euro show gains in the market. The Euro rose up to more than 13% against the dollar this year.


Since the nuclear tests, the dollar continues to struggle

President Trump is a playing puppet for England’s monarchy and the Vatican agenda. If the US were to start a war with North Korea, it would impact the value of the dollar not to mention reparations of a country, and its dependence on other nations to come to its aid. Meanwhile, Britain remains on the sidelines shouting rhetoric of the importance of dialogue within the contexts of this fury.

Effectually, Britain is the one rooting for President Trump and the US to declare war on North Korea. They stand to gain the most from war. The American agenda needs to take a step back and not react as they have in the past. Putin is correct in cautioning against impulsive reactions. It isn’t the time to show the powerful might of a country with an explosion.




Sometimes power does come from patience and restraint

In the words of the US ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, North Korea will be destroyed if it continues its reckless behavior, and it is asking for an attack from the US. This is incitement of the worst kind. Not only does it rile a nation, but it also perpetuates the entitlement of the stigma Americans have all over Europe. Is that the reputation Americans want to project? Nevertheless, just because she said it, doesn’t make it true. In this case, Trump meeting with South Korea to come up with more options and ideas to create order in the region is a more logical and worthwhile step.

In the meantime, North Korea has come up with a toxic chemical to fuel their nuclear launches. The science and technological capabilities demonstrated by North Korea has proven the probable use of UDMH, unsymmetrical dimethylhydrazine. It is a highly poisonous fuel which leads to giant explosions.


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