Consumers are horrified that the Amazon will soon demand key access to private properties to make deliveries


Amazon vice president of delivery technology, Peter Larsen appeared to insinuate that customers will soon only be able to receive deliveries from the company if they have installed Amazon key. Many consumers are concerned that technology is going too far after. Especially after Larsen was quoted as saying “this is not an experiment. This is a core part of the Amazon shopping experience from this point forward.


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Consumers are up in arms

When surveyed by 9to5Mac, 37% of respondents were adamant that they would not be comfortable giving anyone access to their homes, especially not delivery personnel. In fact, only 11% of those surveyed felt comfortable. 90% do not want delivery personnel leaving packages inside their homes in their absence.

For now, however, Amazon Prime does not demand mandatory key entry from customers on their website. Yet, the online store is now selling the technology that will enable them to begin delivering inside people’s homes immediately. According to Reuters, the $249.99 tech consists of a lock, as well as a cloud-controlled camera. And Amazon state that they will have to do the installation.



Amazon is touting the system as secure, and on the surface, it appears such mechanisms are in place

But of course, consumers are not blind to weak links in the chain that could threaten their privacy. Amazon’s claim that if somehow a breach of privacy took place, the customer could “call customer service, file a claim and Amazon will work with you to make sure it’s right.” But to many people who have had bad customer service experiences in the past, trusting their home security to the company is an extremely frightening prospect!

Even if the technology proves itself reliable, customers still have doubts about it being a good thing. Indeed, with our increasing reliance on technology, it seems people are slowly installing the kind of tech that would ultimately enable an authoritarian government to police their entire lives.



Crippling technology leaves us vulnerable

Such technology also cripples people if a situation were to arise where it malfunctions. Additionally, marketers from companies such as Amazon, Apple and Google assume that the general population is ready to purchase such technology.

These corporations work on the premise that everyone is in a financial situation to become entirely reliant on it. But this is just not the case. These companies systematically widen the divide between rich and poor and create a dependency on consumerism that is similar to unconscious slavery.

Nevertheless, the reality, as reflected in the 9to5Mac survey is that such arrogant sales pressure does not convince consumers. People desire privacy as a basic survival instinct. At least previous generations are still able to recognize this. One can only fear for future generations who sell their souls to such monopolizing tech.


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Image credit: REUTERS/Thomas White – The Australia Amazon site shows deliveries have started in this illustration photo December 5, 2017