OMG! The Warning Signs of Heart Disease


Cardiovascular disease (heart disease) is a leading cause of death


These four surprising clues can point to clogged arteries and underlying heart disease



Erectile dysfunction (ED): When achieving an erection is difficult or impossible, it can be a sign of clogged arteries in the pelvis that presents before a heart attack hits.

There are, on average, three to five years between the onset of ED and the finding of CHD, which is plenty of time to detect and to work on preventing this health condition.


Baldness: severe baldness at the crown of the head strongly predicted the presence of silent CHD at any age. In a separate study of more than 7,000 people (including over 4,000 women), moderate to severe baldness doubled the risk of dying from heart disease in both sexes.


Ear crease: a crease in your earlobe (specifically, an angled crease in the ear that runs diagonally from the canal to the lower edge of the earlobe) has been mentioned in medical research reports as a sign of silent CHD for decades.

The ear crease may result from poor circulation, including in arteries in the heart. Although some medical professionals have argued that a crease is just a general sign of aging.

Researchers last year used the most sophisticated CT scan method to measure silent CHD. They found that ear crease predicted heart disease even after the authors accounted for other risk factors, such as age and smoking.


Calf pain: Atherosclerosis can block leg arteries, particularly in smokers, before CHD is diagnosed. This medical symptom requires an evaluation without delay. Your doctor will examine the pulses in your legs and perform simple measurements of leg blood pressure and blood flow to confirm a diagnosis of poor circulation.

It is critical that heart disease be diagnosed as early as possible because there are many dietary and medical treatments that can help reverse the issue. Eat more plant-based foods and fewer animal products and to start an exercise program.