OMG! Usher Appears in the Most Hilarious Carpool Karaoke Yet!


During the most hilarious episode of James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke yet, Usher teaches Corden some unlikely dance moves!


James Corden always brings the hilarious goods to his hit show Carpool Karaoke. However, Usher’s most recent appearance on the show brought the program to a whole new level of comedic genius.  The audience absolutely roared with laughter the minute Usher stepped into the car, as they could tell they were about to witness an uproarious journey.

Amongst singing along to many of Usher’s classic tunes, he and Corden got up to non-stop side-splitting antics. Corden asked Usher if he had any advice on how he should behave in a club, and how he should dance on the dance floor. Usher was keen to oblige, and Corden actually pulled over the car to take a few dancing lessons from the mega R&B star.


Shocked fans excited to see Usher!

The pair then decided to stop by Usher’s star on Hollywood Boulevard. Corden pointed out to Usher how the star had become rather grubby from being walked over by pedestrians. Shocked passersby could not believe their eyes when they saw the famous singer down on his hands and knees. There he was, alongside Corden, scrubbing the star with a rag.

Later, surprised motorists were forced to stop on Usher’s command, when the pair decided to commit a random act of kindness. Corden and Usher rushed to the aid of a broken down car and helped the passengers push the car to safety into an alley. The driver, a fan, gushed with gratitude and disbelief that Usher himself had helped him out in an awkward situation.


When is a vegan not a vegan? When his name is Usher!

Then, a priceless moment occurred when Corden questioned Usher about his supposed vegan lifestyle. Usher immediately admitted to being incapable of sticking to the diet and had failed only the day before.

He went on to explain he had fallen off the vegan wagon by eating some “really thin slices of beef.” Corden then broke into fits of laughter and explained how it was no different to someone who said they were a nondrinker who still enjoyed wine, vodka, beer, and cider!

Catch even more funny moments in the video!