OMG! UFO Spotted in Austin Texas!!

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UFO Spotted in Austin Texas
UFO Spotted in Austin Texas

Several witnesses have stepped forward questioning what they believe could be a UFO spotted in the skies over Austin Texas.

Witnesses observed Strange sights and lights in the skies over Austin Texas, that many consider as evidence of UFO activity. The American Meteor Society (AMS) received many concerned calls, and some witnesses captured what they saw in photographs or recorded the sight on their smartphone’s video camera.

Rachel Jensen and her roommate feel convinced that the lights that they caught on video were indeed UFO activity. Jensen described how she witnessed a triangle shaped light that suddenly separated into three, and ultimately four lights.


OMG! UFO spotted in Austin Texas
OMG! UFO spotted in Austin Texas


Fireballs or UFOs?

Initially, the light slowly went up as though taking off. Jensen went on to explain how these lights moved very fast, in an erratic fashion, back and forth. She described how they were bright orange, glowing and fiery. At least five other individuals witnessed a similar sight in the skies over Louisiana and Texas.

However, others observed the sky show differently, but nevertheless at around the same time. Photographer Chris Sherman, who works for Overaustin, captured a striking image that appears to show some mysterious activity occurring in the sky above the city. A large curving streak of light appeared in his photo after he had taken it, as well as a smaller streak off to the side.


Sherman took to Facebook to ask his followers their opinions on what he had inadvertently photographed

Without jumping to conclusions, he gave a list of the important features and facts about how and where he took the photo, and what equipment he used.

Some suggested it may have been the International Space Station or satellite. However whether or not it was, never became clear. Another person suggested it was an airplane. However, a different responder suggested that planes leave differently shaped trails behind. Sherman feels the answer remains a mystery.


Skeptic perspective

While the apparently flying object remains unidentified, whether it is of alien origin, experts resolve that it is entirely unknown. Furthermore, Witnesses observe such phenomena all over the world, in many different forms. Descriptions of reported UFO sightings can be widely varied and extremely dissimilar to one another.

Reports of alien abductions of humans never come with photographic evidence. Experts can explain most strange anomalies seen in the sky as totally identifiable things. On the one hand, many believers in aliens being the source of UFOs persistently believe there are government cover-ups. Some agree that it is necessary to protect innocent citizens. Others feel concerned such things are kept classified as a way to control the population and keep them “dumb.”


Skeptic and investigative journalist, Leslie Kean, recorded in his book called UFOs:

Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials Go on the Record what most UFO sightings turn out to be. Kean suggests that between 90-95% of these sightings turn out to have perfectly rational explanations. In other words, Kean estimates that the remaining 5-10% most likely are also amongst the list of mistaken flying objects.

Typically, Kean claims, these Unidentified Flying Objects become Identified Flying Objects when they are discovered to be one of these things:

  • weather balloons
  • flares
  • sky lanterns
  • planes flying in formation
  • secret military aircraft
  • birds reflecting the sun
  • planes reflecting the sun
  • secret military aircraft
  • birds reflecting the sun
  • planes reflecting the sun
  • blimps
  • helicopters
  • planes in formation
  • the planets Mars of Venus
  • meteors or meteorites
  • space junk
  • satellites
  • swamp gas
  • spinning eddies
  • sundogs
  • ball lightening
  • ice crystals
  • reflected light off clouds
  • lights on the ground
  • lights reflected off a cockpit window