OMG! UFO Seen Over Tasmania

UFO Seen Over Tasmania
UFO Seen Over Tasmania

There are so many reports of UFO sightings these days, one begins to feel paranormal-fatigue.

However, on Tuesday, February 28, a Tasmanian woman captured what looked like convincing footage of a UFO.

Lee-Anne Peters, of Sorrell, a town in the Australian State of Tasmania, recorded the footage. Early in the morning, she saw what like a ball of fire streaming across the sky.


OMG! UFO Seen Over Tasmania
OMG! UFO Seen Over Tasmania


Ms. Peters claimed it didn’t look like any jet she had seen fly through the sky before. When she retrieved her binoculars for a closer look, she wondered if it was a meteorite.

As is the popular thing to do in our modern world, she posted her footage to Facebook. Immediately everyone flooded her with their amateur explanations for the phenomenon she had witnessed.



UFO enthusiasts need very little proof to believe that phenomena they can’t explain in the sky, must be aliens from outer space.

One commenter reassured her that no one would ever be able to doubt she had seen aliens. Opinions varied, even one person speculating she was seeing fairies in the sky. Maybe it was a unicorn? Luckily, however, some commenters were of the rational persuasion.

More realistic assumptions ranged from wondering whether the fiery flying ball might be space junk. Was it connected to the International Space Station?


OMG! UFO Seen Over Tasmania
OMG! UFO Seen Over Tasmania


John Dickey opinions

John Dickey, the Head of the School of Physical Sciences at the University of Tasmania was in the space junk camp. His opinions based on the length of time it was visible, and its speed. He reasoned that it couldn’t, therefore, be a meteor.

A few commenters wondered if it could be plane contrails, the fiery color being a reflection from the rising sun. Other’s took to flight tracking websites to see if any planes were due to travel in that airspace at that precise time.

And they did discover that an Emirates Airbus A380 bound for Auckland was most likely the culprit evoking all the speculation. Chris Ankle, an astronomer at Launceston Planetarium also believed it was just a plane. Not long after, the Australian Federal Government confirmed their assumption.





Air Services Australia, the air navigation services provider for the Australian Federal Government issued a statement.

They confirmed that it was a scheduled flight passing over Australian airspace. Nothing to worry or panic about. An event that happens regularly.

Of course, people who desperately want to believe in UFOs are predictably professing that there is a government cover-up. And it’s not the first time people have claimed UFOs have been active around Tasmania.


One of the most famous cases involving an alleged UFO happened in 1978


OMG! UFO Seen Over Tasmania
OMG! UFO Seen Over Tasmania


A young 20-year-old pilot by the name of Frederick Valentich disappeared over the Bass Strait. This was only moments after radioing a message that he had seen a UFO above his plane.

After a police search lasting 4 days, he and his plane were never found. Some wonder if he staged a disappearance. But to this day he has never reappeared. Some wonder if he concocted an elaborate way to commit suicide.

In 2013, a rural couple, who wanted to remain anonymous, claimed they saw strange balls of light hovering above their property. The woman of the couple claimed they were the size of the moon colored red, yellow and orange.

Sometimes they would blink and hover just meters from the ground. Another time the couple said they saw large white lights near their perimeter fence. Despite their investigations, they couldn’t figure out what they were.

The couple worked out that they couldn’t have been car lights or people with torches. And the wife claims she had seen similar things when she was working as a young adult in Sydney, in the 1970s.

Unfortunately, despite members of Team Paranormal Australia spending time at the property to witness the lights, they came away with little evidence. They claimed that their infra-red camera equipment could only pick up a small blurry splodge of a single light.

Their verbal accounts, however, matched what the anonymous couple claimed. Team Paranormal Australia claim that they will update their equipment and return to try to gather clearer evidence about UFO sightings in Tasmania.