OMG! Trump Bans Transgender Military Recruits

Transgenders banned from military service

OMG! Trump Bans Transgender Military Recruits
OMG! Trump Bans Transgender Military Recruits

Recent announcement by President Trump has transgenders fighting back

President Trump has made a formal announcement that transgender individuals are not allowed into the military nor can they serve in any capacity. The medical costs and disruption caused by these individuals is tremendous. The armed forces will treat all current personnel with respect. Nonetheless,  this group is high maintenance, and other regular army personnel are forced to sit through sensitivities training which also costs time and money. It’s unacceptable.

Many transgender recruits are unhappy about the decision. It has been a regular procedure in the past to “look the other way” of homosexual and transgender in the ranks. However, this is a serious job with serious consequences. Employing personnel for any job assignment is never mixed with sexual orientation or personal problems. Problems of this nature have to be put away for the duration of employ. This situation is no different.


Shouting rhetoric that it’s not fair to exclude this population will not change the fact that they are bringing personal problems and issues into the work place.

It’s comprehensible for everyone to deserve equal opportunities, equal pay for comparable work and equal respect for a job well done. But when an employer must extend extra expenses at the cost of others, it simply doesn’t pay.


This isn’t a case of discrimination against transgender individuals

All of the transgender individuals who are trying to sue Trump over his decision say the same thing. They feel a strong sense of courage being in the military, and it means a great deal to them. Even though they may have different reasons for enlisting, they are in agreement about the duties, responsibilities, and commitment to their country.

Many people feel committed to their countries and wish to serve in a variety of ways. Being an enlisted recruit or officer is not the only way. If transgender people want to express their reality, they need to do it in a way that is untraditional. Considering their entire state of being is untraditional certainly their role in the world will reflect that with consistency and creativity.

Men have created war and men will continue to fight among themselves. That’s just the way it was and will always be. Women are the nurturers. They don’t take life but rather, give it.

Now transgenders need to create their role. Since their gender is undefined, their roles are also. Taking a traditional stance does not work in this case. Trump is correct in insisting on maintaining the status quo, especially when the military is always trying to be it’s best.


There can be no compromises

If transgenders cannot accept this simple fact then maybe they need to re-evaluate themselves. Reflect on who they truly are, not who they wish to be. We all have dreams, desires, and goals. Just because you have one, doesn’t make it right for you or make it come true.

If you want to serve in the Navy, maybe you should pursue a career as a marine biologist. In case you want to be a soldier in the army, maybe you could study war strategies or ammunition technologies. Consider if you want to be in the airforce, maybe just take flying lessons to become a pilot.

There are numerous jobs, and career opportunities open to everyone. Why lock yourself into one thing when the world is your oyster.


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