OMG! Thieves Can Easily Hack Your Samsung S8!

OMG! Thieves Can Easily Hack the Samsung S8
OMG! Thieves Can Easily Hack the Samsung S8

A shocking video has surfaced revealing how thieves can unlock the Samsung S8 via a hack that only takes minutes!

Your Samsung S8 is vulnerable to thieves who can easily hack the supposedly airtight iris scanning feature used to authenticate and open the phone.

Samsung touted the iris scanning security feature as “foolproof” and “airtight.” However, hackers have proven this to be an entirely false claim. Jan “Starbug” Krissler of the Chaos Computer Company in Germany reveals the simplicity with which thieves can breach security the S8. He released a video showing the ridiculously easy process involved.



Simple iris scanner hack

Krissler also revealed that hackers could use other Samsung products to bypass the iris scanner in merely a few minutes. Not only is the hack simple, but it is also inexpensive. In fact it will only cost the thief approximately $700 to go through with their crime.

A potential thief only need take a covert picture of the S8 owner using an infrared filter, even at a distance as far as 5 meters away. Next, they print out the image and apply contact lenses to the irises. The S8 becomes immediately fooled into believing that it is the owner’s eyes and it opens the phone.

To reinforce the point, the printer Krissler used was one of Samsung’s own, which ironically was the most efficient at the job. Furthermore, what is most alarming is that marketers tout such iris scanning technology to be the next big thing in phone security in the mass market.


Risks of biometrics

Many airports and secure laboratories are already using iris scanning. They consider it to be a fail-safe way to circumvent security breaches. Banks and other companies are utilizing the technology for making payments, and Australia is soon to roll out facial recognition to replace passports. Frighteningly, consumers are turning a blind eye to the security risks that surround their most private information.

iPhone has been using fingerprint authentification for some time now, which is another supposedly fail-proof security method. However, Chaos Computer Company has proven the fallibility of this method also in the past.



OMG! Thieves Can Easily Hack the Samsung S8
OMG! Thieves Can Easily Hack the Samsung S8


The process of bypassing this method of authentification is simple. A hacker need only retrieve a fingerprint from a drinking glass.

But Krissler believes that the iris scanning technology is even easier to hack than fingerprints. Obviously, it simpler to obtain a covert picture of someone’s eyes, than it is to track down and collect their fingerprints.


Keeping your privacy secure

Consumers appear to be held at the mercy of the developers of these products. We wish to keep with the times. The modern world demands we have access to the latest technology for work and life in general. Subsequently, we find ourselves open to security breaches that could compromise our entire lives. The last thing any consumer wants is to become a victim of is security fraud.

So is there something that can be done by consumers in the meantime? For now, it appears that an old-fashioned password is your best option. And, as is common knowledge, it is important one makes such a password complicated and that it is changed frequently.


Consumers are suggesting that developers should combine biometric features, rather than use one or the other

A combination of fingerprint and iris scanning used simultaneously could be a step in the direction. Clearly, this would make it more complicated for potential thieves.

Others have also commented that such methods being used to steal a phone would not be useful to a pickpocket on the street. Such a thief is taking a spontaneous window of opportunity to steal a phone. Such security breaches would have to involve a thief who has pre-meditated their crime. In other words, they would likely be aimed at individuals with information on their phones that is at a specified higher level of sensitivity. In other words, for the everyday user of the Samsung S8, the iris scanner is still decent protection against thieves.

Nevertheless, the claim by Samsung that such a feature is foolproof is categorically false advertising.  Developers ought to take heed and respond to these hacks to protect consumers, as a matter of urgency.