OMG! Thai Women Obsessed with Genital Surgery!

Viral post on social media suggests Thai women are obsessed with genital surgery

OMG! Thai Women Obsessed with Genital Surgery!

Thai women dissatisfied with the shape of their vulvas are becoming obsessed with genital surgery


If you are dissatisfied with the shape of your vulva, you can do as Thai women are currently doing: becoming obsessed with genital surgery! And it’s not like it hasn’t ever been popular in the rest of the world. European and American women have also opted for vulva surgery and labioplasty in the past. But recently in Thailand, a viral post about the surgical procedure was shared over 13,000 times.



Women everywhere are dissatisfied with how their vulvas look. Consequently, cosmetic surgeons offer them various surgeries and treatments to recreate the vulva of their dreams. A viral post on Thai social media suggested one of the ways in which a woman could pay money to have a surgeon give them a fat vulva.


Surgery on the vulva

The viral post showed an image of a woman lying in a red gown, wearing a surgical mask and hat, legs akimbo. In a green gown, surgical mask, donning a white glove, stands a female medical professional of some description.  She is standing and gazing at the woman’s vulva, in anticipation of the procedure she is likely about to perform. A giant operating theatre light shines brightly onto the woman’s crotch.


Artists impressions reveal the before and after expectations that a potential cosmetic vulva surgery patient should expect. In one impression, the mons pubis appears plumped up and bulging.  Another impression shows how fat injections can thicken the labia considerably. The comment on the post reads in Thai. However, the translation reads  “#3 Dimensions Cosmetic surgery for the sister. # Mild fat injection. #Plump #Convex #Plump by using fat itself. Beautiful, safe, harmless #Le Ler Hospital.”


Surgeons pump liposuctioned fat into the genitals

Coconuts Bangkok reported on the viral post on their website. They contacted the hospital doing the procedure and asked how they do it. According to a hospital source, surgeons first remove fat from the woman via liposuction. The surgeons then inject that fat into the patient’s labia or mons pubis, depending on their request. It seems as though you can have a bit of fat removed from your thighs as part of the bargain! What girl would not get excited about that?

Many of the people who commented on the post thought the whole idea was entirely hilarious. So why would any woman wish to submit to labioplasty? Maybe for the same reason why men are willing to submit to penis enlargement surgeries. Thailand also has many clinics offering penoplasty to Thai men obsessed with genital surgery, also.


People want surgery on their genitals for many reasons

Sometimes they experience body dysphoria and feel unhappy with the shape of the genitalia that their genetics have given to them. Others believe that it will increase their sexual appeal, or give them more sexual pleasure. Some men and women will ask a surgeon to alter their genitals surgically in order to please their wife, husband or lover. Ultimately, it is an individual and private decision people make about their private parts.


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