OMG! Was Teleportation Actually Documented?

OMG! Was Teleportation Actually Documented?

OMG! Was Teleportation Actually Documented
OMG! Was Teleportation Actually Documented

Stories about teleportation being documented have been circulating on the internet

People really believe they have witnessed people teleport. They claim they have seen individuals disappear from one place, only to reappear far away.

What proof do you need to believe what these people claim to have witnessed? Science arrogantly declares that unless they prove it, it is impossible. But the universe is mostly a great unknown. Who are we to say?


Recently Documented Teleportation

On February 22, 2000, a couple of these teleportation claims came to light in Weekly World News. Reporter Randy Jeffries described these to a shocked readership.

Jeffries claimed that in once instance, a Miami man drove into a hotel pool only to reemerge in a hot tub in over 12 km away. The shocked couple who witnessed him appear immediately called the police.

Apparently, the man was incoherent and had no idea what had just happened to him. Meanwhile, the man’s wife had filed a missing person’s report. She had witnessed him diving in the hotel pool, only to completely disappear.

Jeffries went on to report a second incident that had occurred in 1926. Simone LaVille was a French swimmer who endeavored to swim the English Channel. However, during her attempt, the crew on the nearby rescue boat witnessed her vanish into thin air.

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