OMG! Was Teleportation Actually Documented?

Was Teleportation Actually Documented?
Was Teleportation Actually Documented?

Stories about teleportation being documented have been circulating on the internet

People really believe they have witnessed people teleport. They claim they have seen individuals disappear from one place, only to reappear far away.

What proof do you need to believe what these people claim to have witnessed? Science arrogantly declares that unless they prove it, it is impossible. But the universe is mostly a great unknown. Who are we to say?


OMG! Was Teleportation Actually Documented
OMG! Was Teleportation Actually Documented


Recently Documented Teleportation

On February 22, 2000, a couple of these teleportation claims came to light in Weekly World News. Reporter Randy Jeffries described these to a shocked readership.

Jeffries claimed that in once instance, a Miami man drove into a hotel pool only to reemerge in a hot tub in over 12 km away. The shocked couple who witnessed him appear immediately called the police.

Apparently, the man was incoherent and had no idea what had just happened to him. Meanwhile, the man’s wife had filed a missing person’s report. She had witnessed him diving in the hotel pool, only to completely disappear.

Jeffries went on to report a second incident that had occurred in 1926. Simone LaVille was a French swimmer who endeavored to swim the English Channel. However, during her attempt, the crew on the nearby rescue boat witnessed her vanish into thin air.

Allegedly, LaVille had suddenly reemerged in a pond on a farm, about 25 km outside of London. It took a 3-hour search to relocate her.




Historically Documented Teleportation

During the 16th century, a Filipino policeman (known as a Guardia civil) woke one morning in Mexico! Dressed in his official uniform, he went to report to his post. He thought he was reporting at the Spanish Governor General’s palace in Manila!

Mexican authorities immediately arrested the confused and strange man. He had actually reported to the King’s Palace in Mexico City. The policeman immediately became frantically concerned. He feared that the Governor General had fallen victim to assassination.

The Mexican authorities assumed he was demon possessed and took him to a Priest. Not knowing what to do with him, he was simply put in prison.

Luckily for him, a Filipino Galleon made a journey to Mexico several months later. An official on board recognized the man and was able to bring him home. This story was then recorded in official church historical documents.


Scientifically Documented Teleportation

Unfortunately, we have no tangible proof of how, or even if, the aforementioned events took place. But Science has managed to teleport particles on the quantum level. This gives us a hint as to how teleportation could actually happen.

Scientists from Canada, Austria, and Germany claim to have teleported a quantum particle. The team allegedly beamed a particle of light, in its quantum state, 143 km away.




Within quantum physics theory, teleportation occurs with subatomic particles all the time. However, Physicist Charles Bennett has documented that teleportation has a downside.  This downside is that the original object becomes destroyed. Only the teleported copy survives.


Why Can’t Science Create a Teleportation Device?

According to scientists, teleporting objects takes a vast amount of energy. Currently, there are no sources of such energy to make it possible. And of course, teleporting a living creature would destroy it.

Scientists are looking to create new technologies based on quantum physics. This kind of technology would revolutionize technology as we know it. Before we teleport humans or even inanimate objects, computers may use teleportation-like processing.

Science may not have created teleportation devices for larger objects yet. However, that doesn’t mean that sometime in the future scientists will not crack the code.

There have been many things we have thought impossible throughout history. And today we have devices and technology that the ancients would have called magical. Only a few hundred years ago, flight in the sky was impossible. Not only do we now fly planes, we have traveled in rockets to the moon.

We are still very far away from creating teleportation devices like the ones we see in Star Trek. However, who are we to say that our great great grandchildren won’t?