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Teen Plans to Auction Virginity
Teen Plans to Auction Virginity

A teen girl from Germany has advertised her virginity for auction so that she can raise money for her educational fees.

Kim, an 18-year-old student from Germany, has put her virginity up for auction on the supposed high-class escort agency web-site Cinderella Escorts. She desires to raise as much money as the virgin who inspired her, Aleexandra Khefren.


OMG! Teen Plans to Auction Virginity!
OMG! Teen Plans to Auction Virginity!


Khefren shot to infamy when she appeared on a UK morning program to explain that she was planning to auction her virginity. The 18-year-old claims she got the idea after watching the film Indecent Proposal. Her rationalization for selling her first sexual experience was that she would rather make money from it than endure the heartbreak of giving it to someone she had fallen in love with, who would only leave her later.


Multi-million-dollar deal

Kim hopes to find a bidder willing to pay her a multi-million-dollar deal for her virginity. The winning bidder for Khefren’s virginity, allegedly a Hong Kong businessman, parted with approximately $2.6 million to bed the teen.



The web-site that is advertising the teens has numerous other young women offering their virginity, and bids usually start at around $100,000. However, most dream of earning millions of dollars for the deal.

Many of the women who are offering their virginity for sale come from impoverished countries, where salaries can range between $200 and $800 per month. The thought of receiving such a massive amount of money for what they see as such a simple act, performed in such a short amount of time, is simply too tempting.



Selling Cinderellas

The owner of the notorious escort agency, 26-year-old Jan Zakobielski, claims he is merely providing a safe platform for these young girls to create such a transaction. His terms and conditions include pocketing 20% commission from the deal.

Zakobielski explains that the market for virgins exists amongst wealthy clientele as they demand exclusive things in all aspects of life. Vintage wines, classic cars, expensive watches and rare luxury. Having sex with a virgin is one of these rare luxuries for these men. Obviously, it can only happen one time with the same girl.

When accused of being a pimp, Zakobielski fiercely defends himself. He stresses that he is not exploiting women. Instead, he feels he is creating a safe platform for exclusive high-class women who wish to offer their services.


OMG! Teen Plans to Auction Virginity!
OMG! Teen Plans to Auction Virginity!

Authenticity and safety questions

Additionally, he states how everything he does is according to the law. He claims that his agency is a better option for women who might risk offering their services through criminal organizations.

Zakobielski claims that the entire transaction from beginning to end falls under strict rules. In turn, the gentlemen get the guarantee that they will be with an authentic virgin.   A doctor checks each girl in order to authenticate their virginity, and the client may also have their private doctor check them as well.

The clients also must come to the girl, at a hotel decided upon by the agency. Staff from the agency are nearby in the case of an emergency. Furthermore, the girl may back out of the transaction even at the last moment.

Additionally, the client must wear a condom, and a doctor must check the for STDs. The girls take contraceptive pills for a few months before they give up their virginity, to ensure no complications arise.


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Virgins for sale

Cinderella Escorts is not the only avenue that girls who wish to sell their virginity are utilizing. Many have tried through unsavory means, so could this be a safer option for teens who will do it anyway?

In one case, a girl in the US asked a brothel owner to organize the sale of her virginity, also to raise money to get out of a life of poverty. The brothel owner rationalized his agreement to organize the transaction as he felt it better a girl lose her virginity in controlled and lucrative circumstances, than getting drunk and losing it on the floor of the restrooms of a bar.

There was another instance in 2010 of a 16-year-old school girl attempting to sell her virginity. Frighteningly, she advertised herself on the Gumtree trading website. This kind of public website could have opened her up to all kinds of dangerous unknowns. Her intention behind her ad was to raise money for art school fees. Her highest bid came to $10,000. However, she backed out after the revelation that the bidder was, in fact, an undercover journalist.