OMG! Teacher Fired Over Proven Claims of Sex With a Student

Teacher Fired Over Proven Claims of Sex With a Student
Teacher Fired Over Proven Claims of Sex With a Student

Female physics teacher was fired for having sex with a student


On a return flight from a school trip, student X was taken into the airplane lavatory for some fun sex with his beautiful blonde physics teacher.

Eleanor Wilson had been teaching for seven years. With shining unsolicited praises from parents, Miss Wilson had a clean teaching record. According to her brother, Jethro Wilson, Eleanor is the victim of nothing more than being a target. Indeed, a target of unwanted attentions from attracted young boys. Consequently, he maintains her only crime was being beautiful.

The Secretary of State for Education hosted a Panel in July 2017. The Panel consisted of National College of Teaching and Leadership personnel. The case was handled delicately and with a great deal of consideration towards everyone involved.


The panel hearing was public and recorded

Nonetheless, measures to keep the identity of student X are important to keep him anonymous. Miss Wilson was not present for the hearing nor did she have someone representing her.

Allegations in this case, according to the hearing included:

1. Teacher consumed alcohol during the flight
2. Teacher permitted student to consume alcohol during the flight
3. Teacher kissed student X
4. Teacher had oral sex with student X in lavatory on airplane
5. Teacher had sexual intercourse with student X in lavatory on airplane
6. Teacher met student X one on one in her office
7. Teacher shared her private cell phone number with student X
8. Teacher met with student outside of school hours
9. Teacher communicated with student X outside school hours
10. Teacher revealed personal information to student X
11. Teacher met with student X outside school hours away from school and home
12. Teacher consumed alcohol with student X
13. Teacher kissed student X
14. Teacher touched student X in a manner suggesting sexual intention

During the investigation, the principal and other investigative authorities questioned the teacher about these allegations. She insisted they were not true. Later she did say she didn’t remember all the details but that they had drunk alcohol together.


Following the panel investigation

Additionally, student X is a reliable and credible witness. His testimony was heard and acknowledged with great consideration from the panel. Therefore, insistence from Miss Wilson that student X keep their meetings a secret and deny any relationship was also discovered.

Meanwhile, the serious breach of professional conduct added to lies used to cover up the infractions, Eleanor Wilson is now prohibited from teaching indefinitely. Likewise, the decision is based on public trust, protection of the student and the benefit of Miss Wilson in her career as a teacher.

Currently, Eleanor Wilson is apparently serving the Queen in the Royal Navy. Finally, perhaps a new career will lead her towards a more appropriate sexual outlet.