OMG! Stolen ‘Mafia Art Collection‘ on Display in Italy Recovered (Video)

Recovered Stolen Art Collection on Display in Italy
Recovered Stolen Art Collection on Display in Italy

Art exhibit, Victory of the State, speaks volumes


An announcement broadcast to everyone. The state of Italy presents a new Art exhibit which opened in 2016, “victory of the state.” It delivers much more than a day at the museum. Italian state victory over crime is responsible for the show.

The ‘Mafia art collection‘  gallery is designed to manifest and deter the mafia and other criminals from a life of crime. The obvious consequences of conviction are displayed for all to see.


The “king of videopoker”, is otherwise known as Gioacchino Campolo.

Authorities believed Gioacchino Campolo has connections with the Ndrangheta Mafia. His business includes tampering with slot-machines. The industrial scale scam made him a fortune.

In 2011, authorities convicted the king of videopoker. At the ripe old age of seventy-eight, riding in a wheel chair, he was imprisoned for extortion, usury, and more. Campolo will serve eighteen years in jail.

Indeed, a great deal of his fortune invests in real estate and art. Much of the art shown was stolen or forged. More than one hundred pieces make up the exhibit in the Palace of Culture. Palace of Culture gallery is in Reggio Calabria.

Calabria is in the south of Italy. Some paintings were by famous artists. To name a few, Salvador Dali, Lucio Fontana and Giorgio de Chirico, Giuliana Cappello and Mario Pinizzotto all remind art aesthetes and the general public that the arm of the law is putting on the exhibition.





Gallery obtained art displays illegally.

The value of the confiscated art is estimated over 320 million euros. Paintings and drawings found hidden in apartments and in unusual places contributed to the permanent prized trade collection.

The money that Campolo was laundering not only went into art and real estate, but also into drug trafficking, corrupt construction contracts, and extortion. Furthermore, before his arrest, he obscured paintings, sculptures and drawings. Law officials discovered assets within several apartments and other unusual places.

Simultaneously, It’s not just the portfolio that the state confiscated. Seizing and freezing more than 3,000 businesses, 12,000 buildings, and money totaling over two billion euros. The public rejoices in this victory over the mafia.

Notwithstanding, the crime and level of control of the mafia extends beyond limits. It affects everyone in Europe. In fact, the government wants to help return things lost to the mafia. Additionally, the public appreciates the exhibit, along with the its assets on more than one level.

Any form of seized goods used in social co-operations works to the benefit of the society the mafia tried to control. Certainly, at least now the strong message is clear to criminals. Mafia members will not be able to conduct business from behind bars. It will remain a forceful symbol about the consequences of organized crime.