OMG! Sickick Drops Wicked Fidget Spinner Track?! ( Video )

OMG! Sickick Drops Wicked Fidget Spinner Track?!
OMG! Sickick Drops Wicked Fidget Spinner Track?!

Sickick, the masked and mysterious up and coming music sensation has dropped a crazy awesome track called Fidget Spinner Riddim!


We all know that Sickick finds music in every physical element around him, so it is no surprise that he would drop a wicked track using every kid’s latest obsession, a fidget spinner. The Much Digital Studios creator began his leap to stardom after opening for Drake in May 2016, blowing the minds of the crowd with his remixes of Hotline Bling and Rhianna’s Work.

Amongst the original material and remixes of songs by the likes of Ed Sheeran, Sickick also uses his YouTube channel to demonstrate how he can make music out of literally any object. One such video showed Sickick creating some prodigious beats using his car while singing a capella. However, utilizing a fidget spinner is an industry first!

Sickick took an opera singer sample from a tacky musical birthday card and attached it to a fidget spinner. He then spun this in front of a microphone to create a few effects and then used this as the initial inspiration to create the rest of the song.


“No wrong way to make music”

The masked artist claims that he sees and hears melodies in every physical and natural element within his environment. “There is no wrong way to make music” explained Sickick in an interview with Uproxx. He went on to describe how, initially, he will experience a beat inspiration within his environment. Next, he will create a melody to go on top of the beat. Finally, this combination will inspire him to write lyrics.

Sickick hopes to inspire young fans to overcome their own anxieties. This is because he too has always suffered from a stifling anxiety disorder. Until the Drake concert, he claims he had a phobia about appearing in front of large crowds. Sickick maintains that this experience gave him a “tower of personality, confidence, and fearlessness.”


Fearless army of fans

It appears as though his army of fans, which grows steadier by the day, are receiving the precise inspiration from Sickick that he wants to give them. Sickick’s dream is to create a movement of courageous people, who can come to his shows, also wearing similar masks, to forget life’s problems, let go and enjoy themselves fully.