OMG! Shoplifter Hoards 18 Bottles of Liquor in Bra and Undies! (Video)

Louisiana shoplifter swipes 18 bottles of liquor and stashes them in her bra and undies

OMG! Shoplifter Hoards 18 Bottles of Liquor in Bra and Undies!
OMG! Shoplifter Hoards 18 Bottles of Liquor in Bra and Undies!

Surveillance camera footage revealed a 37-year-old woman shoplifter shoved a total of 18 bottles of liquor into her bra, undies, and handbag.

Shoplifter Sekonie Jones of Shreveport Louisiana thought she had got away with her hoard of a whopping 18 bottles of liquor, that she had stashed inside her clothes. However, surveillance footage captured inside the liquor store revealed clear images of her face. Consequently, it wasn’t long before people inundated her Facebook with messages to incriminated her. Shortly afterward, Sekonie gave herself up to police.

Footage of Jones showed her brazenly wandering through the aisles of the liquor store, shoving bottles of expensive wines and spirits into her bra, undies, and handbag. Jones paid for one bottle and then appeared surprised that she had gotten away with the heist.



Unknown accomplice

In one shot, she appears to be communicating with another person. Police confirm that she had accomplices. However, their identities remain unknown. But a woman with a ponytail, glasses, khaki trousers and a pale blue t-shirt is seen following Jones and communicating with her as she put bottles into her handbag right in front of her.

The surveillance footage immediately when viral. Subsequently, Jone’s Facebook page became inundated with people from around the globe who all had something to say to her. A few of her friends and family came out in support, telling her she should keep her head held high. Jones responded by posting “For all who spoke good about me u know me thank u never imagine one incident would blow up so big.


Large criminal record

However, most people shared their anger and disgust at her criminal actions. One commenter even tracked down Jone’s previous criminal records, which number more than twenty, which dates back to 2001. In the majority of instances, Jones had pleaded guilty.


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