OMG! Shocking Truth about Bottled Water!

Shocking Truth about Bottled Water
Shocking Truth about Bottled Water

You will never buy another bottle of water after we reveal the shocking truth about the bottled water industry!


The bottled water industry is worth $100 billion a year. They are selling you a product with a price hiked up to 2000 times more than it should be. They are stealing from you and you allow it!

Not only are you wasting your money, bottled water is a major player in the destruction of the environment. Horrifyingly, 4 out of 5 of all discarded bottles end up in a landfill or in the ocean.


Shocking Truth about Bottled Water
Shocking Truth about Bottled Water

Many people believe a ton of myths about bottled water. We will endeavor to smash some of those myths below:


Myth #1: Bottled Water Tastes Better

In every blindfold taste test that compares bottled water and tap water, test subjects cannot tell the difference. Corporate Accountability International is one such organization to have done such testing.

Their findings have also begun to change many people’s perspectives about bottled water. Their evidence has persuaded many university campuses to go bottled water free. Also, 75 national parks in the US also have banned bottled water as a result.


Myth #2: Bottled Water is Healthier

What many people do not realize is that bottled water is merely pre-filtered tap water. However, though rare, bottled water is more likely to become contaminated.

Tap water runs through treatment plants to eliminate contaminants such as microorganisms, pesticides, and heavy metals. It arrives at your taps safe to drink.

Bottled water is subject to handling and packaging processes. There have been cases where mishandling has meant bottled water has become contaminated. Entire batches become subject to recall.

If the plastic bottle that contains the water overheats, there is a risk of chemical poisoning. Chemicals such as diethyl hexyl adipate (DEHA) and benzyl butyl phthalate (BBP) can leak into the water. This is why it is crucial that hot water is never poured into these bottles when recycling them.



Shocking Truth about Bottled Water
Shocking Truth about Bottled Water

Myth #3: Bottled Water Contributes to Recycling, Helping the Environment

As mentioned before, bottled water only creates waste. Most bottles end up in a landfill or the ocean, contributing to the destruction of the environment.

For every bottle you reuse, 4 other people are discarding theirs immediately after use. The plastic does not decompose, so they will last for hundreds of years. Those that end up incinerated contribute to the release of toxic chemicals into the atmosphere.

The whole process of creating bottled water wastes an incredible amount of fossil fuels. To create the bottles themselves, one must derive them from petroleum sources. After this, there is the process of packaging, transporting and refrigerating.


Myth #4: Bottled Water Makes It Easier to Drink More

Bottled water companies will play on your guilt when they market to you. They will claim the proven fallacy that you need to drink 8 glasses of water per day.

While it is important to drink water, there is no scientific evidence to say you need that much water. In fact, it could actually be dangerous if you drink too much. It can lead to sodium deficiency, which could kill you.

Professor Heinz Valtin at Dartmouth Medical School exposed the “8×8” myth in 2002. He made a request in the American Journal of Physiology to anyone who could provide the scientific data to prove the claim. No one has ever come forward 15 years later.



Not Convinced?

Many people really believe they can taste the difference between bottled water and tap water. However, you could save the money you spend on bottled water and spend it on a home filtration service.

According to the International Bottled Water Association, an average, a gallon of bottled water cost $1.21. Comparatively, 1000 gallons of tap water costs only $2.00!

Installing systems like reverse osmosis units will provide cleaner and better-tasting water to your entire home. You can also purchase a filtration pitcher to store in the refrigerator. This will give you constant cool water that tastes great.

Purchasing glass, steel or aluminum bottles for water on-the-go will also go a long way to helping the environment.

Don’t let yourself fall for the scams of big corporations any longer. The life-giving power of water flows freely into your home, if you live in the first world. Don’t take such a gift for granted.