OMG! Sexual Predators Allegedly Rife at Massage Envy!

American women claim that Massage Envy is rife with sexual predators | Image Credit: Tom Britt via

OMG! Sexual Predators Allegedly Rife at Massage Envy!
OMG! Sexual Predators Allegedly Rife at Massage Envy!

Popular spa chain Massage Envy is under fire as clients claim that the company is rife with sexual predators

It seems you can’t go anywhere these days without stepping in a puddle of sexual predators. The latest puddle into which many women claim to have stepped happens to be the largest massage parlor franchise in America, Massage Envy. And the reports they are making are horrifying.



Indeed, according to an extensive BuzzFeed exposé published on 26 November, Massage Envy appears to be a hive of depravity. An investigative journalist for the mainstream media outlet, Katie J.M. Baker alleges that she discovered evidence of at least 180 cases of sexual assault that took place on Massage Envy premises.


These 180 cases are the only ones that have had court action taken regarding them

Baker estimates the number of victims is likely much higher. The court documents of these women’s experiences with perverted masseurs describe nauseating interactions. Naive and trusting women, who never expected these strangers to violate their naked bodies, as they lay vulnerable on massage tables, in locked rooms.

Danielle Dick is one such victim of sexual violation during her visit to her local Massage Envy in Virginia. Dick, a Professor of Psychology and Genetics, set up a petition to bring public awareness to the injustice she believes she experienced. Shockingly, Dick reports, Massage Envy did nothing compassionate to help her bring resolution to her debased experience.


Massage Envy’s alleged failure to protect clients

In fact, Dick maintains they instead did everything to cover up and avoid taking action against their perverted employee. It wasn’t until Dick contacted the police that Massage Envy went into desperate damage control. She warns other women to shun the corrupt corporation, and for other victimized women to come forward to demand justice.

Susan Ingram experienced a similar violation to that which Dick experienced. Ingram’s descriptions of what the perverted Massage Envy employee did to her are equally as horrific. She too reported how the management of Massage Envy did nothing to help her after such a shocking experience. Ingram, however, called the police when the spa refused to take action.

Consequently, the perpetrator ended up in prison and admitted to a further nine incidents of molesting clients. Campaigners insist that such rife incidences of sexual assault by Massage Envy employees are evidence that the entire company needs to be taken to task. They insist that authorites need to take immediate legal action.


Massage Envy a breeding ground for sexual predators

Campaigners insist that Massage Envy did not protect potential victims, and provided a breeding ground for sexual predators. Many victims contend that they assumed that the company would have stringent policies to respond to any employee that commits lewd and illegal acts.

Indeed, Baker pointed out that Massage Envy’s training program does not address sexual assault. In fact, a company training video assumes that the worst kind of sexual activity that could occur would be for an employee to ask a client for a date.  Indeed, the giant franchise appears to assume that sexual predation could not take place within any of their establishments.

Massage Envy did eventually issue a statement via the celebrity Dr. Oz. According to their statement, the company claims that “We are also looking beyond Massage Envy and partnering with industry groups and leveraging technology innovations to develop programs that will improve the safety of the entire industry.


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Image Credit: Tom Britt via