OMG! Sex-Obsessed Swingers Get Naked at New Orleans Convention

OMG! Sex-Obsessed Swingers Get Naked at New Orleans Convention
OMG! Sex-Obsessed Swingers Get Naked at New Orleans Convention

New Orleans is already famous for its Mardi Gras, but now it can boast being the location of the Naughty in N’Awlins swinger’s convention for sex-obsessed Americans.


Sex-obsessed Americans descended on New Orleans for the Naughty in N’Awlins polyamorous convention. They have been enjoying activities such as naked speed dating, lessons on BDSM and even a street parade to rival the Mardi Gras. The Sexual Freedom Parade included colorful floats, wild dancers, nearly naked revelers and a classic brass band.

The Naughty in N’Awlins convention attracted around 1000 polyamorous couples, making the conference the largest of its type on Earth. The kinky merrymakers sought to celebrate pride in their sexual expression publicly. As well, they wish to raise awareness of “archaic laws outlawing sex toys.” Currently, it is illegal to possess or sell sex toys in Alabama and Texas. However, Texas does not enforce the laws.

The convention kicked off with the Sexual Freedom Parade and culminated in a sordid after party at the Astor Crowne Plaza Hotel. Organizers have ‘taken over’ this huge hotel in the French Quarter for the duration of the convention, and have transformed the location into a haven for sexploits.


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Participants then enjoy speed dating in the nude, workshops, parties and seminars. The days of learning end with an erotic ball. Revelers can put into practice many of the debauched activities that have excited them during their day of learning. However, what is most important to the attendees is to be able to express their feelings towards more than one partner.

Especially in a space that contains no one who will judge and criticize their unusual polyamorous practices. Accordingly, many participants have more than one partner. They don’t feel they can be comfortable showing affection to all their lovers in public spaces.


What is polyamory?

Polyamory is a Greek word for “many love.” It means to be in a romantic relationship with more than one person. The practice even dates back to Ancient Mesopotamia. In many cultures, men have taken multiple wives and concubines, literally since the dawn of time, up until the modern day.

However, until the very recent development of DNA testing and widespread availability of contraception, relationships containing more than one partner tended to only consist of a man with multiple female partners. The reason is simple. If a woman had multiple male partners and became pregnant with a child, there was no way of ascertaining the paternity of the child.


OMG! Sex-Obsessed Swingers Get Naked at New Orleans Convention
OMG! Sex-Obsessed Swingers Get Naked at New Orleans Convention


The modern polyamory movement takes advantage of these recent scientific advances. It has created a whole philosophy and lifestyle that contains many rules and regulations. These boundaries enable the core people in the relationship to be free to experience other partners on varying levels.

Nevertheless, scientific advances in reproductive technology and medicine still cannot rule out all problems. Accordingly, the Naughty in N’Awlins New Orleans conference has workshops and seminars that address custody issues, for example.


Boundaries, rules, and regulations

Romantic monogamous relationships are always a fraught roller coaster. So why would some couples decide to bring other people into the fold? Most polyamorous people stress that it takes a lot of maturity and good communication skills to make their alternative relationship circumstances work. On the other hand, polyamorous people like to believe that monogamy is not in fact natural.

Nevertheless, human beings are indeed not animals, even though we share many traits. Our prefrontal cortex enables us to be rational and logical. It helps us to work out solutions to further enhance our chances of survival.

Modern polyamory is only possible due to very recent scientific advances. Monogamy once protected the species from incest and genetic mutations. Whether it is natural or unnatural is still a matter of debate.