OMG! “Sex-Obsessed” Policeman Filmed Sex Acts from Police Helicopter

Policeman fired and thrown in prison after caught filming naked people while patrolling in a Police helicopter

OMG! "Sex-Obsessed" Policeman Filmed Sex Acts from Police Helicopter

A UK policeman was fired and sentenced to a year in prison on the 8th of August for filming sex acts and nudists from 1000ft in a police helicopter.


Adrian Pogmore was fired and sentenced to a year in jail after evidence surfaced that he had been using the high tech camera equipment on board a police helicopter to film sex acts and nudists.  The 51-year-old officer had had a reputation in the Sheffield Police Force as being “team deviant.”


Rogue police officer

The jury at Sheffield Crown Court watched footage taken by Pogmore from the helicopter. The perverted officer had filmed naked sunbathers on loungers and nudists by their caravan. Shockingly, he even obtained footage of a naked sunbathing mother sitting with her teenage daughters. The most sordid video the sex-obsessed officer had captured was a full 11 minutes containing multiple sex-acts. Thea pair of swingers that performed the acts were personally known to Pogmore.

Prosecutors also revealed to the court that pervy Pogmore was an obsessed swinger. He regularly frequented Sheffield’s “La Chambre.” The location is a premiere swingers club that boasts a BDSM sex dungeon, kama sutra room and ample space for orgies. In addition to this, the former officer had been an active member of the sordid website “Fabswingers.”


 “You quite literally see yourself above the law” – Judge Peter Kelson QC.

Judge Kelson laid down a sentence of a year in prison to Pogmore. Pogmore had admitted to four counts of “misconduct in a public office.” Kelson expressed his sadness and disappointment in the former police officer who had previously served 22 years in the force.

However, the judge admitted he couldn’t deny the “gross mistrust” Pogmore had engendered in public perception about the police. Nevertheless, he said he found the sentencing “immensely difficult.”

During Pogmore’s two decades of service, he had received many commendations. Additionally, he had even saved the life of an 11-year-old boy. Nevertheless, to both Judge and jury, Pogmore’s corrupt and disreputable behavior overshadowed the praise-worthy things he had achieved during his years of service.


Critically damaged public faith in the police

One victim alleges the experience has destroyed her trust in the police. Pogmore had filmed her nude sunbathing but remains anonymous for legal reasons. She admits to now feeling paranoid, and reluctant to call the police if there is an emergency.

The swinging couple that Pogmore had arranged to film stated that they now regret their former swinging lifestyle. The pair feels humiliated that the tabloids have leaked footage of them romping naked in their back garden.

According to the couple, this occurred nearly a decade ago. The woman, completely naked, at one point waves to Pogmore in the helicopter. The man was naked from the waist down, in only a football t-shirt. The woman is seen to be pleasuring the man who sits on a bench. Moments later he begins romping with her on the ground.

Judge Kelson remarked: “in short, you used a £2 million helicopter, which costs £1000 per hour to run, to advance your sexual curiosities when it should be detecting crime. Instead of deterring and detecting crime, you are committing a crime.”

Allegedly, Pogmore sobbed in court and admitted he felt a “strong sense of shame” for his corrupt actions.