OMG! Russia Today Provokes Americans With Political Ads Ridicule

Russia Today Provokes Americans With Political Ads Ridicule
Russia Today Provokes Americans With Political Ads Ridicule

Since the beginning of the summer, ads provided by Russia Today have been purposefully and strategically placed in Russian airports.


American tourists are their target. The ads invite travelers to investigate beyond the initial taunt of the ads. The ads in Moscow Sheremetyevo International Airport, St. Petersberg Pulkovo Airport and Sochi International Airport are meant to rile Anglo Saxons.

The ads even invite the viewer to take a closer look and find out what it’s all about. Employees who worked for Russia Today described their work atmosphere as one exacting pressure and censorship. The Russian government put these ads up with purpose. The goal is to Incite public outcry and provoke interest and inquiry into Russia Today.


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Russia Today employs twenty-two bureaus in nineteen countries

With offices in London, Washington DC, Paris, Dehli, Cairo, Baghdad, Kiev, Havana, Buenos Aires, Gaza, plus many more locations, the Russian government wishes to partake in an information war. Over $300 million dollars has been allocated through Russian federal budget to break the Anglo-Saxon monopoly over communications worldwide.

Initially started in 2005, Russia Today began an international TV network funded and controlled by its government. Moreover, cable and satellite channels direct communication toward outside Russia’s borders. Originally, internet content was only in Russian, English, Spanish and Arabic languages.

Viewership of news programs, documentaries, talk shows, debates, sports and other cultural programming are part of international programming.


Russia Today and the government that controls it intends to impart a good image for itself.

Certainly, this non-for-profit communications mafia is strategically trying to lead its public. Indeed, misleading stories and the imparting of false information.

Information warfare is expanding. Accordingly, only since 2014 has Russia Today added bureaus in many more countries and territories.

Finally, the ads are only coming now because these bureaus are in place to fight any backlash against the information production and release. Furthermore, this public relations machine is gearing up for a bigger battle.

Although, the Russian government and its mouthpiece RT claims they only want to better their public image, the deeper truth is they want to do this at the expense of English communities.

Additionally, one of the signs posted magnifies Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party. Furthermore, mainstream media continues pushing the notion that Russia interfered in the election in favor of Donald Trump.

Additionally, another ad “Missed a plane? Lost an election? Blame it on us!” supposedly alludes to seats for the Democratic party in Washington DC. Blame Russia for this, they imply.

Come closer and find out who we are planning to hack next.

This ad tries to imply Russia is behind hacking the Democratic National Convention. Without a doubt, there is no evidence that Russia collaborated with Trump and his team. Both President Donald Trump and President Vladimir Putin denied any hacking, or in this case, a conspiracy.

The advertisements are real. The Russian government sponsored each one. RT claims all the ads are genuine.


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