Famous social media daredevil Wu Yongning plunged to his death after a sponsored stunt went horrifically wrong

Chinese rooftop daredevil Wu Yongning had garnered a massive 60,000 fans on the social media site Weibo who followed his heart-stopping exploits. The Chinese daredevil was a part of a subculture who get their kicks by taking selfies atop the state’s tallest skyscrapers.




Tragically, however, Yongning’s risk-taking went too far when he plunged to his death on November 8 this year. Sponsors had offered Yongning a 100,000-yuan prize (approximately $15,000) to film himself doing pull-ups over a ledge, 62 stories high.


An insane feat that went too far

Yongning had survived countless other insane feats in his bid for rooftopping stardom. However, the pull-up challenge proved too intense. The 26-year-old is seen in a graphic video losing strength, then his grip, and ultimately plunging helplessly to the earth below.



The public did not immediately receive news of his demise. Concerned fans began questioning his absence and sudden silence throughout the past month. However recently Yongning’s step-uncle came forward to describe the tragic outcome.


Public mixed with feelings of anger and pity

Many members of the public have harshly judged Yongning’s death. They claim that it was inevitable for someone taking so many risks. But Yonging’s step-uncle revealed the tragic and real reasons the daredevil kept pushing the limits. Yongning was trying to raise money to pay for his sick mother’s medical bills. Additionally, he was trying to pay for his planned wedding.

Furthermore, many other members of the rooftopping community have stepped forward to defend Yonging’s lifestyle. They claim that the statistical chance of dying from their exploits is equivalent to the likelihood of dying from driving a car.



Growing and dangerous trend

However, the news of such daredevils dying for their adrenalin addiction appears to be too frequent. Only in October of this year did the news report of an American “urbex” photographer plunging to his death from the 20th floor of a Chicago luxury hotel.

Eric Paul Jansen had illegally trespassed into a dangerous area of the London House hotel to capture unique and shocking pictures for his almost 4000 followers on Instagram. He slipped and fell from a ledge to a rooftop, six stories above the ground.


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mage credit: Asiawire