OMG! Ronnie Wood Has a Deadly Cancer Scare

Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood goes through the darkest period of his life during cancer scare.

OMG! Ronnie Wood Has a Deadly Cancer Scare

Wild rocker Ronnie Wood, the guitarist for the Rolling Stones, has revealed to the media that he recently had a horrifying cancer scare.


The 70-year-old wild rocker, Ronnie Wood has announced to the media that he recently went through a dark period when diagnosed with a cancer scare. According to the Rolling Stones guitarist, doctors diagnosed Wood with what he describes as a “touch of lung cancer” back in May.

During a routine pre-tour physical check-up, Wood’s physician, Dr. Richard Dawood suggested that he undertake more detailed tests. Whether it was instinct or not, Wood decided to allow specialists to x-ray his chest. The rocker explained that it had been well over a decade since his last chest x-ray. Furthermore, he felt that after over 50 years of an excessive rock and roll lifestyle, he would be more surprized if there had been no health consequences.


“Supernova burning away on my left lung”

Therefore, when the x-rays revealed what Wood describes as “a supernova burning away on my left lung,” he realized he had not been so fortunate. Wood had only given up his chain smoking a year before his recent diagnosis, immediately prior to the birth of his twin daughters. He went on to describe the harrowing period after the diagnosis. Wood explained “There was a week when everything hung in the balance and it could have been curtains, time to say goodbye.”

Controversially, Wood admits that he would have turned down chemotherapy, had doctors offered it to him. This revelation shocked many fans, especially when his reasoning included not wanting to lose his magnificent head of hair. Many felt this was selfish. However Wood acknowledges he is reaching the end of his life anyway. Indeed, others felt that he and his third wife Sally Humphries, 31 years his junior, were selfish to bring children into the world when he would be a geriatric father for them.


Traumatic and invasive testing

Luckily for Wood, traumatic and invasive testing revealed that cancer had not spread to his lymph nodes. The guitarist believes that he must have a very strong guardian angel looking after him; these specialist’s investigations showed that the cancer was localized. Relieved, Wood exclaimed that he must have a very strong guardian angel watching over him!

Upon receiving the positive news, Wood told Dr. Dawood to “just get it out of me.” Five hours of surgery later, Wood is back on the mend, ready to live as many years as he can to be with his children and to continue his career. Indeed, the Rolling Stones planning to tour, imminently. Wood has explained that he will now need to have regular three monthly check-ups. This is to make sure he gets no similar scares in the future.

Wood recently appeared at a book signing for his newly released autobiography. This was his first public appearance since the cancer scare. Up until his revelation of his ordeal to the media, he had decided to keep the diagnosis secret. Allegedly, only his wife and doctors knew what he was going through.