OMG! Did Roman Polanski Rape a Third Girl?

A third woman has come forward with claims that Roman Polanski raped her when she was 16.


A third woman has jumped on the Roman Polanski rape bandwagon and made allegations against him in a press conference which was guided by controversial lawyer Gloria Allred


A woman, going only by the name of “Robin” announced during a press conference on the 15th of August that the award-winning 84-year-old film director, Roman Polanski, raped her when she was 16. The woman is the third to come forward with such accusations. In a press conference, notorious employment lawyer Gloria Allred accompanied Robin. Together, they explained why she didn’t come forward 40 years ago when it allegedly occurred.


Perpetuating Samantha Geimer’s trauma?

Polanski admitted to statutory rape against the then 13-year-old Samantha Geimer, in 1977, and controversially fled the country to avoid further court appearances. More recently this June, Geimer had pleaded for ‘mercy’ in a Los Angeles court, to have the case dropped. She felt that the trauma that occurred in the period of time following the rape was more horrific than the rape itself. Seemingly uncoincidentally, Gloria Allred appeared before the press with Robin immediately after Geimer pleaded with the court to free her from the ongoing horror.

Robin’s interestingly timed accusations appear to mirror the delayed accusations made by Charlotte Lewis. Lewis claimed Polanski also raped her when she was 16 years old. Later, in 2010, Lewis admitted her claims were a counter-voice to Polanski’s Hollywood supporters.

Nevertheless, her claims never took hold. Some journalists revealed that in 2010 Lewis had claimed she had wanted to be a mistress to Polanski. Additionally, she told interviewers, after the release of the film Pirates, that she couldn’t help falling in love with Polanski. However, she added that he didn’t want to return her affections with a physical relationship.




So why has “Robin” waited 40 years to come forward and make such accusations?

In a statement, Robin claimed, “the reason, with this exception, that I kept it to myself is that I didn’t want my father to do something that might cause him to go to prison for the rest of his life.” She went on to claim that she told one other unnamed person about the alleged non-consenting sexual encounter.

Nevertheless, details of Robin’s claims remain thin on the ground. Allegedly, the crime took place in Southern California. In her statement, Robin claims that she initially considered speaking out when the case involving Geimer first emerged in 1977. However, she claims that she initially decided against coming forward with her accusations. Her reasoning at the time was that she felt Geimer’s case against Polanski didn’t need her support.


Infuriated at Geimer’s plea for mercy

Furthermore, Robin claims she initially felt that the notoriety that has followed Polanski since the trial with Geimer was sufficient retribution. However, Robin expressed how she felt “infuriated” when Geimer pleaded with the judge in June to drop the case. This alleged third victim is determined to perpetuate Geimer’s horrific trauma. However, Geimer asserts she has already made peace with Polanski. Recently Geimer published a book about her experience as a form of personal catharsis.

Robin and celebrity-seeking lawyer Gloria Allred believe this perpetuating of Geimer’s trauma is justified. The pair feels determined to bring down the maximum force of the law against the famous director. Polanski directed films such as The Pianist and Chinatown.