OMG! Rogue Planet to Destroy the World

OMG! Rogue planet to destroy the world
OMG! Rogue planet to destroy the world

Some say, there is a rogue planet heading for earth to destroy it and all its inhabitants.

Who are the people who say this about a rogue planet you ask? Well, conspiracy theorists believe the world will come to an end. They will find any story to prove their beliefs. Alternatively, many researchers claim, this is all a theory and there is no proof of anything.


What do we know for sure?

The Kupier Belt is an icy disc shaped orbit past Neptune, containing the dwarf planet, Pluto. It is similar to an asteroid belt. Rather instead of rocks floating in the orbit, you have frozen methane, ammonia, and water called volatiles.

A mass of some kind has been detected within the Kupier Belt and researchers are trying to determine what this mass, with an elongated orbit is exactly.


Planet X or Planet Nine?

Planet nine is estimated to orbit our sun every 10,000 to 20,000 years. It is supposedly ten times the size of our planet Earth. However, the “so called” planet is just a theory. There is no evidence of a real planet.

Some believe this mass we are calling both planet nine and planet x, was a rogue planet that drifted away from our solar system or never had a star system to belong to. Now it has made its way back in order to make a grand entrance into our cosmos. A few astronomers believe and have studied this mass for over a full year. At this time, it’s simply too early to predict any outcome of the mass.


Who’s doing the research?

Two Caltech astronomers, Konstantin Batygin and Mike Brown have started new research based on mathematical models and computer simulations. Based on the lack of direct observation, simple predictions are all that remains.  Making theories into facts is a process and it takes time.


What’s the next step?

Batygin and Brown intend to use the most powerful telescopes to view the predicted orbits. “I would love to find it” says Brown. But there is no way of knowing what they will find. However they have done hearty research with graphs and very advanced mathematics.


The scientific debate is on and exploration of our universe continues.

So what about the conspiracy theories? They are a hoax, per usual. The intention of these conspiracy theorists is to negate our scientific theories and process. They want to prove the world will fulfill their own beliefs. There is no way anyone can know what we are dealing with. Who wouldn’t want to find another planet?

I’m sure Batygin and Brown would. Even if they did, who’s to say the direction and intention of this planet would be to destroy Earth?