OMG! Randy Women Using Realistic Male Sex Dolls

A randy female journalist shows herself using a realistic male sex doll

OMG! Randy Women Using Realistic Male Sex Dolls
OMG! Randy Women Using Realistic Male Sex Dolls

A viral Vice video depicts randy journalist Karley Sciortino making love to an incredibly realistic male sex doll


Vogue sexpert and randy journalist Karley Sciortino visited with a sex doll factory called Sinthetics to explore the company’s new range of male sex dolls. Male sex dolls are becoming more popular with sex-obsessed women. Previously, sex dolls appeared to exist only for male pleasure.




Prosthetic sex is nothing new

Historically, prosthetic sex toys have existed for around 28,000 years. In other words, dildos have existed since the dawn of time. Women, and even men, creating a non-living version of a penis in order to achieve sexual satisfaction is nothing new. It isn’t until now that women have become curious about adding a synthetic body back to the amputated synthetic penises they have been using. Of course, dildo and vibrator ownership is extremely common amongst most women.

Men using a prosthetic of a whole woman, or woman’s body parts, is possibly more recent. However, Greek mythology does include the story of Pygmalion. Pygmalion was a Cypriot sculptor who fell in love with a statue that he had crafted. Nevertheless, the end of the tale sees him begging to goddess Aphrodite that she bring her to life. Aphrodite brings her to life, and the tale concludes with Pygmalion marrying her as a flesh and blood, conscious human being.


VICE Video (Slutever):

Marketing of actual sex dolls began in 1968, where men could purchase crude blow up dolls through the mail. As technology has improved, sex dolls evolved into creations of silicon, which makes them feel more like real human skin. Companies like Sinthetics decided to strive to be at the higher end of this new market, which may one day include robot sex dolls.


Sinthetics’ first male sex doll

Sinthetics custom makes their dolls, which they call manikins. This is because creator Matt Krivicke sees his work as being that of an artisan. Other companies have been producing TPE sex dolls, of both the male and female variety. But now Sinthetics have decided to create their first male sex doll. According to Krivicke, and company co-owner Bronwyn Keller, demand for male sex dolls began to boom after viral Reddit comments caused Reddit users to overwhelm their website. Suddenly they were overloaded with inquiries about their male sex doll “Gabriel.”

Keller claims that demand for male sex dolls now equals that of the demand for female sex dolls. This unprecedented demand encouraged journalist Sciortino to visit the Sinthetics factory to see what the fuss was about. And also she was extremely keen to have a sexual experience with a male sex doll. For, as she puts it, “gender equality.” Firstly, however, to see what she was letting herself in for, she interviewed porn star, Jessica Ryan. Ryan is a proud owner of one of Sinthetics male sex dolls.


When the boyfriend’s away, the male sex doll will play

Ryan claims she uses her male sex doll to fill in for her boyfriend, with whom she is in a long distance relationship. She says she has tried casual “friends with benefits” encounters, however, has found them too tricky. Ryan realized that purchasing a sex doll would become her perfect solution. Additionally, she shoots porn videos with the doll that people can view on her website.

Krivicke eventually “introduces” the male sex doll to Sciortino so she can discover what having sex with it feels like. Initially, Sciortino claims that she felt uncomfortable, as the sex doll can not interact with her. However, during her experience having sex with it, she says “it feels absolutely indistinguishable from a real person. Except I’m completely in control.

Sciortino admits that it is impossible to have the same experience with a living and conscious human being.


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