OMG! Racist Dutch Airbnb Host Almost Kills Black Photographer (VIDEO)

OMG! Racist Dutch Airbnb Host Almost Kills Black Photographer
OMG! Racist Dutch Airbnb Host Almost Kills Black Photographer

A horrifying video has surfaced showing an allegedly racist Dutch Airbnb host pushing a Black South African photographer down a flight of stairs, almost killing her.


A black South African photographer almost died when her Dutch Airbnb host appeared to hurl her down a tall flight of stairs merely for being late to check out. The burly host manhandled her out of her room along with her luggage, repeatedly demanding that she go “out now, out, out!” Fellow South African photographer, Muholi Zanele, caught the entire incident on video and uploaded the evidence to Instagram.

Zanele claims that the near fatal incident involving her friend, fellow photographer Sibahle Steve Nkumbi, was racially motivated. On her Instagram post, Zanele writes:

One of my friends/ Inkanyiso crew members was pushed downstairs by the Airbnb owner where we stayed. He threw their belongings out … for a few mins late checkout. She collapsed and ended up in hospital. She suffered internal injuries and bruises. Am so angry with this I couldn’t even sleep. This is racism and can’t be justified… violence on black bodies as you can see in this video.


Airbnb host to be charged with attempted murder

Consequently, an ambulance rushed Nkumbi to the hospital where doctors treated her for a concussion, internal injuries and bruising. Upon her release, she pressed attempted murder charges against the 47-year-old Airbnb host. According to an Amsterdam police representative, authorities immediately arrested the so far unnamed Airbnb host.

Nkumbi and her fellow students had been studying in Switzerland; however, they had recently come to stay at the Amsterdam Airbnb location to attend an exhibition. According to other witnesses to the incident, the wife of the allegedly racist¬†violent perpetrator had initially knocked at the door where the South African’s were staying. When the students responded with apologies, explaining that they understood that they were late, and would imminently leave, the woman chose to ask her husband to force them to go.


Knocked unconscious

Suddenly, the impatient male Airbnb host then rough handled the tourists out of the room. Ultimately, this would swiftly lead to the horrific incident. Nkumbi recalls her last memory as being the utter dread that she feared he would throw her down the stairs. As the fall had knocked her unconscious, her subsequent memory was waking up in the hospital.

According to Reuters, director of Airbnb, David King responded to the incident by releasing the following statement:

We will take the strongest actions we can against such abhorrent conduct, including banning people for life from our platform and assisting law enforcement with their investigation and potential prosecution.