OMG! Queen of England is Dead?

Fake News Frenzy - Is the Queen Dead or Not
Fake News Frenzy - Is the Queen Dead or Not

Fake News Frenzy – Is the Queen Dead or Not?!

Who can you trust? With major Russian newspapers like the Komsomolskaya Pravda, and even the Russian Defense Ministry’s TV channel Zvezda. Reporting last January the 5th that the Queen of England had met her demise. It really was no wonder that Russian citizens were sent into a wild tweeting frenzy when they believed the report to be true!


Fake News Frenzy - Is the Queen Dead or Not
Fake News Frenzy – Is the Queen Dead or Not


Zvedza even posted a screenshot purportedly from the official royal website that appeared to be an official announcement of her death. Allegedly containing a statement that Prince Charles had made about the sad supposed loss of his 90-year-old mother. Also, an alleged BBC tweet spread an announcement that Buckingham palace had announced her death, with the circumstances for it were unknown.


The pro-royal media immediately rushed to quell the rumors

By stating that they were all entirely false. Swiftly proving that the supposed BBC tweet that had gone into viral circulation was in truth a fake account created by trolls to look like BBC News (UK). The twitter handle did indeed give away the obvious clue that it was fake.


Despite this, a twitter hashtag was immediately rapidly circulated by suspicious netizens, #mediablackout, amidst claims that the real news was being covered up. Who was spreading the fake news? Notorious attention seeking media outlets like Pravda? Or, was the BBC maliciously controlling the information that the public were receiving?

Was there a conspiracy of population control occurring? Buckingham Palace went on to release an urgent statement declaring that Queen Elizabeth II had not actually died. But there were many people who demanded that she appear before the public to make an urgent statement in person, to prove that she was indeed still living.

Eventually, proof surfaced after the release of pictorial and video evidence that she attended church near her Sandringham Estate on Sunday the 8th of January this year.


Fake News Frenzy - Is the Queen Dead or Not - walking healthily towards the church
Fake News Frenzy – Is the Queen Dead or Not – walking healthily towards the church


Many avid fans of the British Monarchy also had a closer ini-person view of her walking healthily towards the church than even the paparazzi did. Indeed they confirmed that they legitimately saw the real Queen Elizabeth the II, alive and well.


Why Would Vicious Trolls Falsely Declare That the Queen is Dead?

With all the suspicions and distrust segments of the population have for politics and the media, some people do like to test the limits of how fake news can spread. Others are genuine believers in the conspiracies they make claims about. Both will latch on to information that seems to point to their claims. But when examined more closely, the “evidence” doesn’t actually prove those claims.


Fake News Frenzy - Is the Queen Dead or Not - her eldest son Charles
Fake News Frenzy – Is the Queen Dead or Not – her eldest son Charles


In this specific case, the Queen had noticeably been absent during the Christmas and New Years period from her traditional church attendances, due to a heavy cold.

Also, a legitimate BBC reporter by the name of Ahmen Khawaja tweeted that the Queen had died. After she was mistaken when watching a royal obituary rehearsal, and thought it was real – it was most clearly not.

She later corrected her statement. Added on top of all this were the string of celebrity deaths that seemed abnormally high throughout 2016 – the British monarch passing away would have been the cherry on top of such a miserable year.

Queen Elizabeth the II is also extremely elderly, and has been reigning as the monarch of the British Commonwealth for nearly 65 years. Which makes her its longest reigning monarch for the past 1000 years. The recent obituary rehearsals caused minds to be curious about how much longer can this regal monarch continue. The fact that they are taking place goes to show that her demise is anticipated at any time even amongst officials and her own family and staff.

There is also the fact that her eldest son Charles, the heir to the throne, is also becoming quite elderly himself as he is now 2 years shy of 70. When he takes the throne it will be an extremely short reign – and if his mother lives to be a centenarian like her own mother did. He will be almost 80 when he would be crowned as King. It appears that many are watching for the Queen to die like vultures circling in the sky.


New Era after Her Death

Fake News Frenzy - Is the Queen Dead or Not - New Era after Her Death
Fake News Frenzy – Is the Queen Dead or Not – New Era after Her Death

Another reason her death is morbidly anticipated. it seems, is that many people believe that the British Monarchy has had its day. And that the countries that make up the British Commonwealth should break way and become their own independent republics.

No one in countries like Australia and Canada can really understand the purpose of a foreign Monarch having a say in the business of nations that are thousands of kilometers away across the ocean.


Indeed the number of people who support the idea of individual republics for their nations grows rapidly all the time.

With Queen Elizabeth the II, however, there is a nostalgia for a time gone by, a time that is no longer recognizable in the multi-cultural modern world. So this nostalgia may cease to exist with Prince Charles when he is King.

He has been linked with many shocking disgraces throughout his life and lacks his mother’s wholesome scandal-free history. He is also now married to a woman with whom he was having an illicit extra-marital affair with, when he was still with, the now late, Princess Diana.


Many people are ashamed at the thought of having his scandalous mistress become their Queen when the current Queen is gone.

Queen Elizabeth the II may very well take after her mother and continue for another decade or slightly longer. So maybe we shouldn’t be surprised that people wonder if it is true when they hear that such a geriatric person may have passed away – it is not unusual at her age. It is after all a regular occurrence for most people to face the ends of their lives anywhere after around 70+.

So we hope this clears up this current crazy hoax! Even though we know that the ex members of the famous 80s British pop band The Smiths will be disappointed that their popular song “The Queen is Dead” will not get to number one in the music charts again as a result!