OMG! Is The Queen of England Abdicating to Prince Charles?!

Queen of England rumored to be relinquishing role to eldest son Prince Charles.

OMG! Is The Queen of England Abdicating to Prince Charles?!
OMG! Is The Queen of England Abdicating to Prince Charles?!

According to anonymous sources within the Queen of England’s inner circle, Elizabeth may imminently hand over her role to son Prince Charles, if she is still alive at age 95.


Many experts have assumed Queen Elizabeth will not abdicate, but instead, she will give Charles the title of Prince Regent. Nevertheless, anonymous members of the Queens inner circle are hinting that Elizabeth wishes to push for new legislation. This legislation would enable Charles to become King imminently.


Divinely decreed monarchy

Historically, monarchs are reluctant to abdicate the throne and have done so only under extenuating circumstances. When coronated, the new monarch will pledge to remain in their role as King or Queen until their death. They believe that their role is divinely decreed, in much the same way as the Pope does. Consequently, Elizabeth is the oldest reigning monarch in history, having taken the throne in 1952.

Throughout the decades, there has been much speculation as to whether Prince Charles would be fit to become the sovereign head of the British Commonwealth. Nevertheless, as heir apparent, within the ancient myth of royal bloodlines, Charles indeed will not avoid spending time as the King of England. Unless Republican advocates of the dismantling of the monarchy finally get their way, Charles will likely spend his latter years on the throne.


Prince Regent or King?

With Prince Philip’s recent retirement from public duties, and the Queen not getting any younger, it is inevitable that she feels that the time is ripe to prepare her son for taking over her role. Only six months ago rumors were rife that the Queen was, in fact, dead, when she didn’t attend Christmas church services.

And indeed, since the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee year, Charles represented her while touring Australia and New Zealand. More and more he has been seen by her side during official events. Clearly, he is preparing to step into her shoes.

In order for Charles to become Regent, an official agreement must come from several sources:

  • Sovereign’s consort, the Duke of Edinburgh
  • Lord Chancellor, David Lidington
  • Speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow
  • Lord Chief Justice, Sir Ian Burnett
  • Master of the Rolls, Sir Terence Etherton

Meanwhile, there has been no confirmation from Prince Charles official residence, Clarance House, to confirm that he will soon take on the role.


Monarchy outdated?

Many are speculating that the British monarchy has outlived its usefulness in the modern era. Indeed, questions as to whether the Queen should be the final British monarch abound. Graham Smith is a staunch advocate of the UK removing the monarchy, and is regularly interviewed in the British media on the topic.

Smith suggests a monarchy is more trouble than it is worth. The monarchy costs the British taxpayer £300 million per year. Comparatively, this is 100 times more than the elected Irish President receives for doing the same job.