Miami psychiatrist Ely Pelta sent perverted text messages of a vulnerable patient in his care; authorities forbid him from continuing to practice


Perverted psychiatrist Ely Pelta cannot practice for six months after a patient brought evidence that he had sent her text messages asking to be her “sugar daddy.” The patient, only known by her initials B.R. claims that she initially sought treatment with Pelta for “work-related anxiety and depression.” B.R. alleges that the psychiatrist asked her to be his “sugar baby” in return for helping her to find a new job.

Allegedly, Pelta sent repeated sordid suggestions via SMS for ten days during May of 2014. Messages that included descriptions of Pelta being naked from the waist down, and that he would be naked during their next consultation. Florida Department of Health responded by charging the Miami psychiatrist with sexual misconduct in October 2016.


OMG! Psychiatrist Suspended After Perverted Conduct! - Ely Pelta - Twitter profile photo
OMG! Psychiatrist Suspended After Perverted Conduct! – Ely Pelta – Twitter profile photo



Pelta violated strict ethical codes designed to protect the practitioner/patient relationship.

Florida’s statutes match those from most western countries, in that, according to section 456.063(1): “sexual misconduct in the practice of a health care profession means violation of the professional relationship through which the health care practitioner uses such relationship to engage or attempt to engage the patient in, or to induce or attempt to induce such person to engage in, verbal or physical sexual activity outside the scope of the professional practice of such health care profession.

Consequently, if Pelta ever works in the field of psychiatry again, he will likely only work with male patients. The courts additionally ordered him to take a course on medical ethics and to seek counseling. Furthermore, the board imposed an administrative penalty against Pelta’s license of $10,000. They also suspended his license for six months. Clearly, this psychiatrist has some kind of psychiatric disorder of his own!


To make matters worse, this is not the first time that Pelta has faced sexual misconduct allegations.

In 2006 a whistleblower colleague reported to authorities that the sick psychiatrist had engaged in depraved sexual acts with another vulnerable patient. Horrifyingly, in 2006 a patient, who only goes by the initials A.N. According to court records, A.N. first became a patient of Pelta in 2004. She too had come to the Pelta to seek therapy for anxiety, depression and alcohol abuse.



A.N. alleged that she became vulnerable to Pelta’s control. She described how Pelta would ply her with prescription medications such as Wellbutrin, Trazodone, and Ativan in order to encourage her to engage in sexual acts with him. Due to her vulnerable state, she felt confused about whether she was consenting to these acts. However, the law clearly states that a patient is automatically considered incapable of consent.


Sexual predator Pelta preyed on vulnerable A.N. for almost a period of two years of treatment.

He exposed his erect penis to her, encouraged her to give him oral sex and would repeatedly fondle her breasts. He would also withhold medication from her unless she allowed him to molest her. Sadly, A.N. remained confused about her role in the sexual acts, and the case eventually was dismissed. Nevertheless, according to the law, there is no doubt that Pelta crossed the line and committed a crime.

The public should know that the law forbids all medical professionals from engaging in any kind of sexual activity with patients Рwhether it be physical or even verbal. Any sexual engagement of any kind from a medical professional Victims of such offenses should report them immediately. Additionally, victims should also cease interactions with such perverted practitioners immediately.


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