OMG! Popular Bug Burgers and Insects Delicacies Target Millennials

Exciting new release of insects foods are a hit for Millennials

OMG! Popular Bug Burgers and Insects Delicacies Target Millennials
OMG! Popular Bug Burgers and Insects Delicacies Target Millennials

What appears to be a normal burger is in fact derived from insects and bugs.


The new craze in the Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, and Britain are pushing for a new palate of bugs and insects among younger people. Several restaurants have opened with the approval of food foundations in their area.

Dishes of insect burgers, bug burritos, worm ice cream and other fancy named foods is meant to appeal. United Nations and the EU are proclaiming rhetoric to convince consumers that bugs and insects are a high-grade protein and great food choice.


The fact that they must trick people into eating the vermin must indicate some motive.

Usually, a food delicacy can stand on its own as healthful, hearty and tasteful. However, the push to eat such vermin is suspicious. Disguising the foods as dishes we already know and recognize will not make it more appetizing, at least not the discriminating palate.

It’s obvious to everyone including the makers of insect foods that these products wouldn’t be the first choice for customers. Most people who eat bugs usually do so, when there is no other food available, as a last resort. Why would anyone make this choice when there are so many healthy clean, and tasteful alternatives?

If you look at the animal kingdom you will see, your meat eaters, your vegetarians, and those who eat insects. Like humans, insects are simply not, at least they shouldn’t be on the menu.


Europeans disagree.

There is an edible insect industry. Their goal is to make production and distribution efficient so that insect products can be marketed and sold like every other merchandise off the shelf. Facing the food market with new technology and breaking boundaries in food regulation are two of the barriers in the industry. Consumer acceptance is the last hurdle to surpass.

Chefs have been hired to add all the traditional spices and ingredients to the new fare. Therefore, attempting to make the ration more appealing. The beloved burger is the main dish presented to persuade.


Bugfoundation is one of the companies involved with this new industry.

They don’t want to remind their customers that the food from bugs. Therefore, they will disguise the ingredients and try to make it appear to be something the consumer recognizes.

The leaders of Bugfoundation plan to expand sales with strategic mentality. They are from Germany, but their burgers are currently accepted and sold in Belgium and the Netherlands.

There is a list of restaurants presenting for the edible insect industry. You can find them online here. Just don’t ask what the ingredients are. Answers to those questions are strongly avoided, and thus unreasonable logic will prevail.

Why is the United Nations involved with a new food industry? Why would the EU also back such a controversial food source? One must ask, why the push for insect edibles is so strong? Whoever came up with the idea, assuredly has a reason. My guess, whatever their reason, it’s not good enough to eat vermin and perpetuate more sickness and ill health.

You are what you eat after all! So do you want to be the slime of the earth?