New “sustainable” beer contains pee for your consumption

Everyone wants a cold one, right? When you’re sitting at a ball game, hanging out with the guys, watching the super bowl, or partying at your local pub, beer is most commonly the drink of choice. Well, now you can combine your love of beer with your other love of relieving yourself. One way or another, us guys love to pull out our pecker and wave it for the world to see. Now we can enjoy a cold one with our friends knowing we have given completely of ourselves towards our second favorite pastime.


OMG! Pisner Beer Presents Pee for Your Enjoyable Consumption
OMG! Pisner Beer Presents Pee for Your Enjoyable Consumption


The fact that others are enjoying it too is an added plus.

Pisner beer was apparently the creation by the Danish brewery Norrebro Bryghus. With the help of over 50,000 contributors from the Roskilde Music Festival from 2015, the brewery gathered pee for the intent to vanquish the wonderful taste and benefits of your organic and sustainable pee.

Norrebro Bryghus presents a variety of beers on their menu and the food at their restaurant compliments the taste derived from their very own organic beer flavors. The brewery believes in influencing peoples attitude towards beer. That includes “fostering weird and wonderful Nordic beers” for the world to enjoy. They have 200 hundred beers ranging in flavor and color from black to pink.




Norrebro Bryghus has the philosophy of presenting beers of all styles and tastes. They want to surprise consumers with their varied portfolio of tastes, hops, styles, and flavors. They offer traditional US, European and Nordic style beers in addition to organic beer.

It specifically notes on their website that none of their beer contains urine. However, we understand the acquisition from the Roskilde Festival was used to irrigate and fertilize barley grown for their organic beer. Logic would tell you organic manufacturing of any kind would have very strict guidelines.


Infographic: The Czechs Are Europe's Top-Beer Drinkers | Statista You will find more statistics at Statista


Spraying a field deemed organic material with fertilizer that contained chemicals would not qualify as organic. Nonetheless, in Denmark, human waste used as fertilizer is a novelty. They consider it sustainable material and encouragement of “beercycling” is popular. The alleged collection of urine from the festival did not go through any testing. There was no thought for drugs or any other impurities.


It was collected specifically as a solution to a larger problem.

Huge amounts of pee were having a negative impact on the sewage system. To bypass the sewage system altogether, the collection of pee watered the barley fields. Any agriculture nurtured from contaminated water will produce spoiled crops.

Trying to present the beer as urine free doesn’t negate the origin of the barely and impurities incorporated in its growth.

Maybe I’ll opt for one of the other flavors of beer, or maybe I’ll reach for a Budweiser. At least I will know with 100% certainty when I pee, it’s going out, not going in. My friends will surely appreciate it too.

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