OMG! Personal Emails Read By Google Signals Ads

Google ads contribute to its own crisis

OMG! Personal Emails Read By Google Signals Ads
OMG! Personal Emails Read By Google Signals Ads

Emails hacked by Google substantiates ads

Google is now finding itself in the middle of a crisis. However, it didn’t begin today or yesterday. The current political climate is the antagonist of Google’s latest response. Indeed, past legal issues and the present state of current affairs, has forced Google and its parent company, Alphabet to change the ad format.

Thirteen years ago Google began analyzing your emails and matched up advertising with your interests. Since then, users are criticizing this “service” and the repercussions.

Algorithms of betting and curation get smarter as users continue to click and follow their desired sites. Most advertisers are well aware of this fact. Users generate content demand. Furthermore, this has caused some to create signatures to allow for detection of corrupt sites, videos, and tags crime syndicates used to traffic the web. Policing the web is a full-time problem with no easy solution.


Infographic: Google Leads the Race for AI Domination | Statista You will find more statistics at Statista


Google is well aware of everything that lives online and even underneath

Many conservatives demand political correctness. Additionally, this lives online and in real time. Its effects can be seen with the rumblings of censorship. YouTube videos, as well as other sites where controversy exists, cannot only violate copyright claims; it can contribute to inappropriate advertising. For example, alongside an article or video about terrorism, you might find an ad related to the story. This could be in very poor taste. No one wants to see an advertisement for baggies next to a video about a cut up murder victim with body parts put in a bag.

Therefore, Google is trying to be more sensitive to these issues. Algorithms are designed to get smarter just like the smart car they advertised many months ago.

I still see the human element in all this controversy disappearing. No longer are people concerned about protecting their private worlds. They know nothing is private. More importantly, the connection, compassion, empathy and caring for others are replaced with computers, microchips, and self-teaching robotics.

Moreover, in a world where money is the goal, control, and the leader, Google contributes to lead headlong into the very crisis they are trying to avoid, or so they say.




There is a solution, but no one will like it very much

Shut down your smartphones and limit personal computer usage. If your goal is true privacy and identity protection, disconnect from the world wide web. We did live without it at one point in time.

Certainly, at this stage of the game, it’s unrealistic to disconnect. Can you even imagine your life without it? You might have to talk to people face to face. Being polite, conscious of manners, and having consideration for others might become important. Feeling depressed and isolated may no longer concern you anymore.  Can you even imagine?


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