OMG! Pentagon Cushions Russian Economy By Contributing to Syrian Terrorists

Pentagon purchase of Russian AK-47s provides ammo for Syrian rebels

OMG! Pentagon Cushions Russian Economy By Contributing to Syrian Terrorists
OMG! Pentagon Cushions Russian Economy By Contributing to Syrian Terrorists

Syrian rebels trained and sponsored by the US Pentagon

When you think of the Pentagon, what do you imagine? Special restricted access and security personnel who know the secrets of the United States right? The activities of the United States government are kept hidden well. All governments for that matter are hiding information from citizens. They believe, that what you don’t know won’t hurt you. The Pentagon has for many years and continues to fund Terror.

They not only buy arms to put into the hands of a terrorist, but their purchase of the Russian ammunition is also substantially boosting the Russian economy and production of more arms. While it is worthwhile to contribute to the human race all over the globe, more than $500 million dollars in the last year has been spent on arms dropped off in Syria.

$500 million dollars could serve aid to the poverty-stricken of America. The homeless, those suffering from natural disasters such as hurricanes, and earthquakes not to mention the disabled, the sick and hungry.

At the same time, America buys arms, supports countries in need, they are providing weapons for the destruction of more people. There are procurement records, ship-tracking information, reports, emails, and interviews revealing the supply line to Syria.




The CIA knows about it, the president knows also

It seems the US Pentagon and other federal offices are trying to obscure the path of the purchase and dissemination of these arms. Question is why? If what they were doing was helping people and nations, why would they not want everyone to know?

The Special Operations Command oversees services and military in the US and abroad. They are well aware of the financial commitment and the location of all weapons deliveries. These efforts did not begin under the Trump administration. However, the fact that this information is now available is curious. It could indicate a scapegoat. Trump is perfect for that assignment.

Apparently, the Pentagon was questioned about the purchase of Soviet weapons. The precedential answer reveals the shipments were only made sporadically and delivery was on a need-for-immediate-mission schedule. The answer doesn’t fit the question. But if you think that was an accident, you are most obviously wrong.


In other news, media revealed the Pentagon was shutting down its support of Syrian rebels

Russia is providing arms to ISIS and selling to the US for the same war. Which is true? Pentagon is or is not supporting this war? We know Russia is getting a nice stash of money for all their ammo. We know the paper trail leads to drop off of equipment, so why the conflicting stories?

I’ll tell you why. The truth is obvious. Russia is playing everyone for a buck and power.






OMG! Pentagon Cushions Russian Economy By Contributing to Syrian Terrorists
OMG! Pentagon Cushions Russian Economy By Contributing to Syrian Terrorists


The US is being puppeteered to take the fall for the country who wants terror to continue, the UK. Certainly, they are not alone. What would the world have to think about if not a war on terror?

Maybe all those who are suffering from malnutrition, illness, genocide, poverty, discrimination and the real issues of the world would begin to be examined. That would not do.


We are all required to stay distracted

According to some news sources, Trump is amongst meetings in the White House and the Pentagon about the region, possible strategies regarding Pakistan and the Taliban, some options that might be available to him about these military initiatives.

Again it is curious that the State Department informs the President of his options. Is he not the commander in chief? Does he not have the authority to make a military decision?

Another thing to note is the US is not only spending time and money on arms to load the Syrians, but they are also training the rebels for battle. Is it only battle with ISIS? Syria is a terrorist country. Let’s not forget that important factor. ISIS didn’t get there because they flipped a coin.




The world stage is contrived. Everything we see on the news is meant to be seen. Used as a distraction or to confuse. You might think it’s all modern news. The same destruction that existed two thousand years ago exists today. Only back then, no one knew about it because there was no world wide web. It’s a blessing and a curse.

Or maybe Russia should be banned from selling arms to ISIS and another terrorist. After taking a look at their top ten exports, weapons were not listed once. One site said petroleum was their largest export. Another site lists mineral fuels, iron and steel, gems and precious metals, machinery including computers, fertilizers, wood, aluminum, cereals, electrical machinery and equipment and copper.


No mention of AK-47s

We know from the stories about the Pentagon that they have received well over a few billion for that ammo. So proud and inspired are they by their accomplishment, they erected a statue of the creator of the AK-47 with a proper dedication ceremony, the works.


Who do we blame for all this insanity?

Seriously, it is our fault. We close our eyes to the truth and believe everything we see and hear. Is there anything going on inside your brain besides, what to cook for dinner and how long it will take? Or maybe the next time you can get to the store to go shopping for the most in fashion purchase?

Wake up! Take action! Use your brains! Take your power back, and stop giving it away!


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