OMG! Penis Procedure Kills Man in Sweden

OMG! Penis Procedure Kills Man in Sweden

First documented case of penis enlargement surgery killed a man in Sweden


Many people struggle with poor self-body image. In today’s world, we have to give everything a label, so we’ll call this one, Dysmorphic disorder. But does that really translate to getting your penis enlargement?


It’s not always about the way you feel

The problem is, the way we feel about ourselves isn’t the most important thing in the world. There is so much focus today on the self and how we look. We literally lose sight of the bigger picture and what is really important.

Life is meant to enjoy, but for a thirty-year-old male from Sweden, it ended abruptly. In the pursuit to look better than you might think you do, people can so often make poor decisions.

Although the man from Sweden was healthy, he suffered a heart attack and aspiration of the lungs from an elective surgery. Who was the attending doctor? Why would he even perform a surgery that disfigures a patient?


Penile enlargement is not a necessary surgery

The risks involved are much greater than any possible benefit. Disfigurement and impotence are real risks. Obviously, now we can add death to the surgery risks.

According to reports, surgeons performed the penile elongation after taking fat cells from his tummy. At the base of his penis, doctors made an incision. This incision loosens one of the ligaments so the enlargement procedure could commence. Immediately, two fluid ounces of fat cells were injected into the patient’s penis.

As the injection was being administered, the man’s heart sped up. His oxygen levels dropped, thus causing an immediate decrease in blood pressure. The surgeons performed CPR after the patient began cardiac arrest. Sadly, he died less than two hours later in the emergency room. The patient had no prior history of heart defects or genetic problems.


Erectile dysfunction is more than likely from this type of surgery

The American Urological Association warns against penile enlargement as not safe or effectual. Regardless, the demand for this procedure is growing. Meanwhile, doctors have a responsibility to discourage any surgery that can most likely cause harm to a patient.

Still, social media has the edge, and the more millennials think about themselves, and how they look, even the most dire of consequences won’t influence this poor decision-making society.

In a world where if you want it, you deserve it reigns, even an educated doctor won’t sway the masses. However, as educated professionals, they must exercise the right to say no. Especially at the expense of another human life. Don’t even mention their medical practice and reputation.