OMG! Passport Necessary for Russians to Access Pornhub!

OMG! Passport Necessary for Russians to Access Pornhub!
OMG! Passport Necessary for Russians to Access Pornhub!

Pornhub is restricting access to Russian users unless they are willing to share their passport details.


Russian porn fans are furious as Pornhub have now made access to their website possible only after sharing private passport details. The UK is also looking to initiate similar measures.

Lovers of porn and fans of Pornhub are concerned that their ability to browse anonymously is under threat. Pornhub now asks Russian users to leave an exposed trail of private identity details to view the sordid contents of the popular pornography portal. The Russian government claims that such extreme measures are necessary to prevent children accessing adult content. The UK is considering similar extreme measures for the same reason.

Nevertheless, Russian users believe there is a more sinister motivation behind the passport requirement. Pornhub has recently incited ire with the Russian government with their meddling in political agendas within the country. Users believe the Russian government is seeking to obtain private information about those who access the site to monitor citizens for political dissent.


Russian government bans Pornhub

Russia blocked access to Pornhub in 2014 due to concern that a porn actress featured in a video was underage. After the site clarified the situation, they permitted access again to Russian citizens.



However, Russia laid a ban on Pornhub once again last year, only to permit access again in April this year. Their caveat of permitting access again being that Russian citizens wishing to use the site must verify their age.

For Russian porn lovers to access Pornhub, they must now do so via the popular social network Vkontakte (VK). Naturally, this creates for them an initial concern that the friends and family they share VK with will now know their porn viewing habits.



OMG! Passport Necessary for Russians to Access Pornhub!
OMG! Passport Necessary for Russians to Access Pornhub!

However, Russian porn punters have a graver concern about incorporating their VK account into their porn habits.

VK asks Russian citizens to give their cell phone number to set up an account. Furthermore, the law expects that anyone who purchases a sim card for a cell phone to show their passport. Without a doubt, Russians feel concerned that they will leave an exposed trail of sensitive identification information.

Sensitive information that will reveal their usage of Pornhub. Furthermore, users are concerned that the government will now target them harshly for accessing the site.


Political conspiracy

Earlier this year, Putin’s primary political opponent, Alexei Navalny enabled Pornhub’s public users to access a damning political documentary.

Furthermore, Pornhub strongly encouraged Navalny to do this. Not long after Navalny’s allies uploaded “Russian Corrupted Politician F***ed Hard,” the Russian government insisted that Russian Pornhub users reveal their private ID when they access the site.

Russian officials are adamant that the ID requirement ensures that underage individuals do not access online pornography. Indeed, Russia’s laws regarding pornography are incredibly strict. Russian law bans “illegal production, dissemination, and advertisement of pornographic materials and objects.

Essentially, it is illegal to make porn in Russia. However, technically it not illegal to view porn when it is streaming from an international location.


Political conspiracy theory or child protection?

So far it doesn’t appear clear what the Russian government’s underlying intention behind the passport requirement is. With the UK wishing to soon initiate comparable measures in line with the Digital Economy Act, it similarly could be that Russia is also legitimately trying to protect children from obscene material.

Soon, UK citizens will be required to register with the Royal Mail, or give credit card details, to verify their age when accessing online pornography sites like Pornhub.