OMG! Official Cannabis Town Bought By American Green

OMG! Official Cannabis Town Bought By American Green
OMG! Official Cannabis Town Bought By American Green

American Green buys a town in California to grow, market and sell products from the Cannabis plant


The town of Nipton, nestled in California, has a history. It’s South of Las Vegas and only ten miles away from the major highway that connects to Los Angeles. It is also closely situated to the Mojave National Preserve. Plans for a new cannabis flourishing town are in the works.

Nipton was bought by the Freeman family in the 1950s for $200,000.-. Mr. Freeman was a geologist. He spent time in Nipton looking for gold, silver, and other metals. Over the years he and his wife invested more money in the development of the small town. Consequently, they built a home for themselves.

Additionally, they renovated the old miner’s shacks and trading post. They also installed solar panels which contribute more than fifty percent towards their electrical consumption.


American Green is in the process of purchasing the property for $5 Million

American Green Corporation has the vision to create a green community.  This includes growing medicinal marijuana, bottling water with a healthy extract from the plant, offering culinary classes incorporating the greens, and more. Moreover, creating an energy independent hospitality destination is the key.

A cannabis friendly environment with focus on commercial development has increased stock shares in American Green substantially.





Additionally, the corporation is investing in all things supporting the legalization of cannabis

They are creating software for age identification and a dispensary location applicator. Now you have “green” being magically turned into technological applications for app stores and the web.

Currently, American Green Corporation has their base in Phoenix, Arizona. There they house a state of the art cultivation facility. Their products are on Amazon and an Organic Hemp online clothing store.

The town of Nipton will expand the basic farm that exists currently. Therefore, the corporation intends to reach out to as many pot industry businesses in the interest of increasing revenue in the town. As production increases, so would the demand for employees. The vision to create a vibrant community with new job growth is contagious.


However, Nipton remains so much more than a vision and opportunity for American Green

Several movies have visited this lovely destination.

Play it to the Bone, a movie staring Antonio Banderas, Woody Harrelson and Lucy Lui from 1999. Breakdown, staring Kurt Russel was also filmed in 1997. The small town of Nipton is also starting base for the annual Mojave Death Race. This team relay event occurs every June.

What used to be a ghost town will now begin to make its mark on the map. Certainly not just for locals but everyone interested in new sources of green renewable energy. Granted, innovation is a huge part of our culture now. Making a historic site into a flourishing commercially sustainable community will have lasting effects for the future of Cannabis.