Artificial intelligence is on the rise holding hands with Nvidia

Nvidia Corporation holds the American technology corporation based out of California. It’s design of computer graphics, voice synching. Audio and visual synchronizing and manipulation just got a lot easier. Deep learning and artificial intelligence use these processes for accelerated analytics. That would be the best use of this technology. Indeed, it is evident how it could be used negatively. Unfortunately, the most likely use of this intelligence would be against the masses.



The internet opened up the world for mass communication

People are now able to relate quickly and efficiently from across the globe. Our ability to understand and see world news has also widened. However, with this new technology, or maybe not so new, false information can just as easily be transmitted. The world as we understand it is misrepresented and clearly, the visual and audio evidence cannot be trusted.


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This could be good news

There is an old saying, “don’t believe everything you see and hear.” Well now, more than ever this is true. Most all evidence nowadays is less reliable than ever before. Now more than ever people are going to need to trust themselves. Comparatively,  training not to think or question every detail makes the world function as we know it today. Nevertheless, it is the most crucial avenue available.


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Uniting and coming together to witness events that indeed will be the only evidence to prove anything

Nvidia is a company devoted to handling matrix operations prevalent in deep learning. These same computing methods apply toward research, laboratories, tech companies, and other enterprises. Simultaneously, the results from these places contribute to Nvidia’s development and boost it’s corporations earnings. That is the primary objective.


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Throughout the 2000’s until today, 2017, the rise in Nvidia’s profit margin has catapulted

Does the company care about artificial intelligence? Software development, marketing, distribution and progressing the media monster is the boost for Nvidia and Fujitsu and Google Cloud; it’s partner companies.

Nvidia and Google cloud have gone so far as announce their new platform that will help to cure cancer among other things. Does this sound familiar?

The Official Platform professes to:

  • Increase performance and intricate computation
  • Reduce costs with billing per second
  • Optimize workloads through custom configurations
  • Integrate Google Cloud computer learning
  • Accelerate training times
  • Deliver efficient inferences
  • Build Google’s Global Infrastructure


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In other words:

  • Generate more income for Nvidia, Google Cloud, and Fujitsu
  • Increase billing for Google Cloud access
  • Custom modification of digital configurations (which may cause problems/hacking with computer drives and other hardware)
  • Integrated Google Cloud learning access, which may come with a fee
  • Efficient inference training integration (brainwashing)
  • Build Google’s Global Infrastructure, which of course means more profits and tax evasions for Google and Alphabet.

Especially with a development like Nvidia’s enhanced digital productions, the importance of discernment and analyzing information becomes pressingly essential.

Making use of the internet should be strictly for business purposes only. Reaching out to the people within your community in real time makes life more meaningful and evidently more real than anything you could see and hear on the internet or videos today.

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Image credit: Muhammad Fauzan via