OMG! Nudists Find Home in Denmark

Nudists Find Home in Denmark
Nudists Find Home in Denmark

Denmark is the official nudist state


This maritime country hosts many beaches. Not only is it surrounded by water, islands happily supply even more beach fun, sun time and nudity. Located in the Scandinavian hub, Denmark is not large.

It’s economy, legal system and citizen rights have gained great respect in and around Europe. In other words, Denmark’s reputation precedes itself.


OMG! Nudists Find Home in Denmark
OMG! Nudists Find Home in Denmark


Respecting citizens, their right to privacy and their personal space and belongings put this Nordic country above many. Levels of respect are hard to come by. So many cultures and countries gawk at the payout to citizens for rights they are privileged. Consequently, the respect spills over into the Danes view of nudity.

Danes are not self-conscious or insecure about their bodies. They are rated as the most highly content nation in the world. Citizens from Denmark don’t acknowledge ridicule, and they don’t worry about how they look.

This type of acceptance is such a contrast to the American value of beauty is everything. So many suffer in the west from poor self-body image and bullying. They could learn a thing or two from the Danes.

However, the shameless population that occupies over 7,000 kilometers of coastline, also encourages their youth to pick up on their values.


But there seems to be an inconsistency here

Although the Danish have no problem with nudity, the emphasis on children learning about sex so young translates that sex education is a way of influencing society from an early stage. That would make the correlation between nudity and sex significant.

Evidently, it’s not just about respecting your neighbor’s privacy and rights. The unspoken condoning of sex at such an early age by way of osmosis is certain.



From the young age of six, a curriculum including sex education emphasizes asking questions and open discussions on the topic and anything related to it. By the time a child is thirteen, they are open and free about their bodies and their sexuality.

It’s so easy to label a separation between nudity and sex, just because you use the right words. Meanwhile, when your children are looking at their bodies as sexual, this creates a variance in the message.


Denmark host an egalitarian society

As such, the rights of everyone are upheld and honored. You won’t find neighbors who speak to one another. Danes consider that a blatant invasion of privacy. The same principle applies at the office and anywhere in between.

With signs posted at the beaches indicating nudity and the rights of nude bathers, anyone wearing a swimsuit, better think twice before walking onto the sand. It is also bad manners to look or gawk at nude bathers. Another indecent cultural etiquette gone wrong.

Who believes the Danish don’t look when naked?